Middle and Upper Executive Function Coaching

Middle and Upper School Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function Coaching
In our Executive Function Coaching program, students are empowered to grow their executive functioning and study skills as they are coached by our Learning Strategists. 

In small group classes, we focus on establishing relationships of trust with students and coaching them on executive functioning and study skills in 5 domains (planning, organization, task initiation and completion, study habits, and intrinsic motivation) to help them grow as confident, independent, and lifelong learners. Our coaching classes are scheduled within the school day between 2-5 times per week.

Students must have a full psychological-educational evaluation on file in order to qualify for accommodations. An Accommodation Plan is created for each student and Learning Specialists work closely with classroom teachers as they implement approved accommodations from educational evaluations and support teachers’ use of best practices for all students.

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    Vicki Smith 

    MS Student Support
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    Janey Smith 

    Director of Student Support
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    Chris Bock 

    US Student Support