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Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Patriot Parents aims to support, strengthen, and enrich the educational partners across the MPCS community. Patriot Parents directly supports and encourages our faculty and staff through appreciation events, facilitating prayer and care for our school family, and contributing to the school's overall mission. 

Patriot Parents Board

Chair: Becky Munroe (second from left), P'25
Vice Chair: Michelle Ballard (middle), P'27 and P'29
Secretary: Lauren Pointer (second from right), P'32 and P'36
Treasurer: Terri Harrison (far right), P'24
Lead Parent Ambassador: Jenny Stone (far left), P'26 and P'32
The Patriot Parents Board can be contacted at
Patriot Parents Divisional Reps
Each division of MPCS has a Patriot Parent Representative who serves as the liaison between the Patriot Parents Board and their division. Your Divisional Reps are listed below:
Early Learning: Tracy Voshall
Preschool: Jaime Bale
Lower School: Caitlin Hamilton
Middle School: Kristy Grulikowski
Upper School: Melanie Richards

Upcoming Opportunities

Patriot Shop Volunteers
A great way to meet new people! Help with restocking, checkout and online orders! Click on this link to sign up to volunteer, Patriot Shop Volunteer Sign Up.

Have a passion for supporting Arts or Athletics? Be sure to check out our booster clubs, PATRIOT ARTS AND the PATRIOT CLUB.