Fine Arts


Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.
— Pablo Casals
Music is powerful. It has an ability to forge relationships between unlikely people, to unify a group of diverse individuals behind the common goal of musical expression and artistry, to create a special bond between performers, conductor, and audience, and to allow the performer to express his or her own heart in a powerful way.

In our program, we teach students how to be thinkers, doers, dreamers, performers, and creators via music and engaged, hands-on learning.  We develop scientists, scholars and leaders who know how to create with both the mind and the heart.

In the Lower School, we offer a “co-curricular” program in  music. Students get to explore and make joyful noise together with percussion and singing, as well as performing for an audience several times a year.

The Music program broadens in the Middle School as students try out different instrumental performance ensembles - Band and Orchestra - as well as our Vocal Performance program which allows students to explore singing, songwriting, worship music, and more. While these classes may be more of a challenge, we still place an emphasis on student-centered learning and fun

In the Upper School, students can commit to joining the most advanced ensembles at Mount Pisgah, where they are led to a higher level of creative achievement in multiple performances throughout the year. Additionally, there are alternate electives available for students interested in other areas of music.

High-achieving students committed to the Mount Pisgah Music program may apply to join the Tri-M Music Honor Society.

Courses Offered

Lower School:
Music Co-Curricular

Middle School:
5th Grade Band/Vocal Performance/Orchestra
6th Grade Band/Vocal Performance/Orchestra
7th/8th Grade Band/Vocal Performance/Orchestra
7th/8th Piano
7th/8th Guitar
7th/8th Jazz Band

Upper School:
Upper School Band
Upper School Vocal Performance
Upper School Orchestra
Introduction to Piano
Introduction to Guitar
Introduction to Percussion
AP Music Theory (offered every other year)