Servant Leadership Award: Latonia Anthony

During this week's end of the year All School faculty and staff worship service, LaTonia Anthony was awarded the Spring 2022 MPCS Faculty/Staff Servant Leadership Award. 

LaTonia Anthony personifies what it means to be a shepherd and a servant leader. Each division has had the privilege this year of getting to know LaTonia a bit more as she has been instrumental in our Blackbaud transition. She is a woman who works behind the scenes. In fact, that’s where she prefers to be — behind the scenes. What all does she do behind the scenes, you may ask? It feels like EVERYTHING — she is the School’s registrar, resident Blackbaud aficionado, co-sponsor for the yearbook, Upper School’s testing coordinator and scheduler, chemistry teacher, and science department chair since 2006. And she is currently working on her master’s degree at KSU in her free time!  

No matter how busy she is (it’s AP season right now) she makes things work seamlessly and takes great pride and satisfaction in ALWAYS crossing every "t" and dotting every "i".  

Ms. Anthony is the perfect mix of head and heart. She is the voice of reason and you never have to wonder where you stand with her — "‘cause she’ll flat out tell you." She loves this School and works tirelessly to serve our students, our families, and our faculty.