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Brittany Halloran

What are you doing now?

I recently relocated to Boston to become a full-time student, working toward a Ph.D. in occupational therapy.

Do you think your time at Mount Pisgah helped you?

I believe Mount Pisgah helped me to achieve this goal of going to graduate school. I think it prepared me with the intensity of the classes. It prepared me to do well in my classes at Auburn, thus allowing me to have the required grades for graduate school.

Did you ever envision doing this while you were at Mount Pisgah?             

No, I never thought I would be going to occupational therapy school to obtain a doctorate while at Mount Pisgah.

Who was your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher was Mr. Denham, when I had him for sixth grade math. He was my favorite because no matter how discouraged I got, he always told me I could do it. He has also always been a big supporter of me.

What were Mount Pisgah students campaigning for when you were a student?

They were campaigning for off-campus lunches.

What was your most memorable moment as a student?

My most favorable and memorable moment as a student was playing for the varsity volleyball team and all the good times weshared together.

What was your funniest moment as a student?

My funniest moment as a student was slipping on spilled milk in the cafeteria.

Do you still keep in touch with anyone you met at Mount Pisgah?

Yes, my best friend to this day is Amy Strang. We met in pre-k and have been best friends ever since.

Would you send your children to Mount Pisgah?


Describe Mount Pisgah in 3 words:

Uplifting, goal-oriented, and tight-knit.

What is your lasting impression of Mount Pisgah?

It fully prepared me for where I am today and I am grateful for the classes and staff that helped me get to where I am now.