Upper School

Upper School

The Upper School program prides itself on “providing big school opportunities in a small school setting.”

By designing the curriculum to offer maximum flexibility in course options, Upper School students can pursue their areas of passion in an academically rigorous environment.

The Academic Handbook , accessible from the menu at left, contains a complete listing of curriculum and information about Pisgah's unique May-mester and Advisory programs.

Pisgah offers Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in all core classes and electives that meet the diverse interests of our student body. The results are impressive with Pisgah AP students netting nearly an 80% passing rate on the nationally administered AP exams, far exceeding their peer group.

Passion and Purpose

Mary Ann Morris, Head of Upper School

Our mantra for the year is Passion and Purpose. We have an intentional focus for each month and look for meaningful ways to engage with our students. For example, our Passion and Purpose one month was building community. We looked for ways to accomplish this with our students and families, including daily communications and attendance at sporting events. Other key community builders are our annual SharpTop Retreat, the Advisory Program, Commencement weekend and Homecoming.

Building meaningful, mentoring relationships requires opportunity and the investment of time. Our annual spiritual retreat to SharpTop not only provides ample time, but also a special environment. Why is it so important to leave campus for this retreat and invest three days each September? This spiritual retreat sets the tone for each school year and allows faculty and students to step out of the daily routine, out of the busyness of each day and unplug from everything for three glorious days in the North Georgia Mountains.

SharpTop gives us the opportunity to see each other in a different light, establish relationships beyond the classroom and connect with each other. Working alongside one another on the ropes course presents opportunity for true team building, far beyond the reaches of our classrooms. Intentional chapels allow everyone the chance to establish or even re-establish a relationship with Christ. This annual retreat began over 14 years ago and continues to be the highlight of each school year. Ask any Pisgah graduate about their favorite memories and SharpTop is always at the top of the list. As one of the new faculty members shared at a recent meeting, “What a blessing it is to work in a school that understands the value of building relationships and intentionally allowing for the opportunity to do so at a great place like SharpTop.”

Teachers’ mentoring role with students started even before they left for SharpTop. On Aug. 26, students met with their teacher advisors. Since then, advisory groups have been hard at work building small group communities by sharing life stories, assessing their personality and evaluating who they are as students. Moving into the end of the first quarter, advisory groups will focus on academic preparation.

Homecoming week in any upper school is a fall highlight. Building school spirit is a vital part of building community. The festivities of the week allow students to express school pride and enjoy the atmosphere leading up to the big game and crowning of the queen. Homecoming week closes on Saturday night with the annual dance. This year’s theme is The Secret Garden.

Building community and relationships in one another and in Christ are cornerstones of Mount Pisgah Christian School. It is not lost on the upper school faculty that our daily interaction with students is precious but finite, and we continue to be blessed by the journey with your family. Thank you for allowing us that gift.