Spiritual Life


Mount Pisgah Christian School (MPCS) is unique as a distinctively faith-based school, with enrollment open to anyone who meets the admission criteria, regardless of faith tradition. We are a community who find in scripture a Christ who is welcoming of people from all walks of life, most of whom would have been morally and philosophically very different from Him. Yet He dined with them, walked with them, healed them, intervened on their behalf, defended them, invited them to follow Him, and even died for them.  In our attempt as a faculty and administration to live out the example of Christ, we hope to do the same. 

In 1986, MPCS opened its doors for the first time and welcomed everyone, not simply those who shared our faith. Originally started by Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church, the School’s mission has remained steadfast: to be an academic institution that provides an outstanding education grounded in Christian faith and values to students and families in our local neighborhoods and far beyond. We think of ourselves as a “big tent” Christian school. Almost thirty years later, our doors are still open to the entire community and we have students who join us from around the globe.

The MPCS faculty and administration are ecumenically diverse, spanning the numerous doctrines, disciplines, and denominations that comprise modern Christendom, but collectively we agree to the tenets of our Christian Belief Statement and Apostles' Creed. We place tremendous value on this ecumenical diversity, as we believe it strengthens our community as well as our own resolve to understand the specifics of what we believe. In some Christian communities, this ecumenical diversity leads to strife and struggle, but at Mount Pisgah Christian School we believe it adds value and leads to greater depth of understanding of our faith and a broader world view. We extend this same appreciation and respect for theological and philosophical diversity to other faith traditions as well.

We hold true to what we believe to be the divinely inspired Word of God, a collection of sacred texts spanning thousands of years, forty authors, multiple genres, on three continents, and in three different languages, commonly referred to as the Bible. We also believe many of the virtues and values found in the Bible are supported in other sacred texts of various other faith traditions. At Mount Pisgah Christian School, we not only celebrate the commonalities we share, but appreciate the differences that define our faiths.

Education done well is not the delivery of information, but the discovery of knowledge. Or as William Butler Yeats is credited with stating, “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.” Our holistic approach to education - including not only academic, but physical, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual - follows the same pedagogical process: not delivery, but discovery. Whether our students have been raised in the Christian church or have no background in any faith tradition whatsoever, our Bible curriculum is designed to lead them to discover their own sense of faith, not deliver ours.

Students from kindergarten to senior year are required to participate in a Bible curriculum designed to inform them of, and familiarize them with, the sacred text of the Christian faith at developmentally-appropriate stages throughout their academic careers. Students of the Christian faith are strongly encouraged to improve upon their biblical literacy and further their personal faith, while students who are not of the Christian faith are invited to understand the teachings of the sacred text of one of the world’s largest faith traditions, while sharing the similarities and difference of their own sacred text.