Caleb Swift

Alumni Spotlight: Caleb Swift, Class of 2012

When Caleb Swift was in band class, he never imagined one day he would write music for movie trailers.
Swift, a graduate of the Class of 2012, writes for a company called Really Slow Motion Trailer Music, which specializes in music for theatrical advertising. He recently created a customized version of the original Sega - Sonic The Hedgehog music to be used in the official trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 movie.
While Sonic 2 was his first theatrical trailer, you may have also heard his work in TV spots for "Godzilla vs Kong,” "Chaos Walking," "Black Widow" and Marvel's "Eternals."
"I want to thank my family at Mount Pisgah who helped garner and cultivate my love for music. I really felt that the student body and staff there supported me greatly and gave me opportunities that I would also otherwise not have been given."
After Swift started attending MPCS in 2010, “the staff and students at Mount Pisgah immediately revitalized my passion and love for music in a way I can't explain other than just being there.”
His band director offered him an internship opportunity that allowed him to pursue music composition and even let him conduct and perform his own music in concert.
Years later, Swift’s journey to write music for Really Slow Motion started when he discovered their page on YouTube, learned to produce music on a computer, and started writing with them in 2020.
The creative process begins by Swift producing music with a little direction from Owner/Director Agus Gonzalez-Lancharro about what the studio wants — although part of the challenge is that he never sees video footage from the trailers ahead of time.
"Getting music into a trailer that will play in theaters is always a challenge, even more so when it's a customized musical theme,” said Gonzalez-Lancharro. “Very proud of the work that was done by Caleb Swift and looking forward to future opportunities." 
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