Fine Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Mount Pisgah

Kindergartners through fourth grade students participate in weekly art classes where students explore the work of master artists and their use of the Elements and Principals of Design. Students then have the opportunity to use what they are learning when creating their own artwork, while having fun at the same time.

In Middle School, students have the opportunity to select courses that deepen their knowledge of artistic principles and explore art through new mediums and applications. 

Upper School training occurs in all the various media, including a comprehensive AP course for highly advanced and motivated students. There are a number of gallery-like experiences during the year, and the year culminates with the Prep School Art Show presented by the National Art Honor Society – an evening event that is one of the highlights of the school year at Mount Pisgah. Upper School offerings include Studio Art and Digital Imagery.

2020 AP Art & Design & Advanced Student Digital Art Exhibition