Fine Arts


“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.”   
- Plato
Choral music is powerful. It has an ability to forge relationships between unlikely people, to unify a group of diverse individuals behind the common goal of musical expression and artistry, to create a special bond between singers, conductor, and audience, and to allow the singer to express his or her own heart in a powerful way. Singing is deeply personal, the offering of a person’s unique perspective on the world and music through his or her own instrument. Choral singing gives singers the opportunity to partner with others in a task that is greater than themselves, namely to join their voices for the purpose of delivering a message, telling a story, expressing what is inside of them, and inviting the audience into that journey with them.

Chorus is intended to be a safe place, where each member is valued and celebrated. Each individual voice serves the larger group, the choir, but that choral sound is comprised of the uniqueness and skill of each voice. Each chorus member matters and is valued.

The choral program at Mount Pisgah Christian School is open to students with any level of choral experience and is designed for any student interested in learning how to be a good chorister and how to use his or her voice well. Students will learn and develop basic vocal and choral techniques, basic sight-reading skills, and fundamental music theory concepts and apply them in a choral setting. The long-range goal is to help students develop the necessary skills for healthy vocal production, appropriate choral rehearsal and performance techniques, and growth in musicianship.