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Melanie Murphy

Melanie Murphy
Melanie Murphy
Teacher - Spanish/Student Life
Phone: 678-336-3402
Groups: Upper School

Spanish Instructor

B.A., Spanish, Georgia Southern University
Minor in Religious Studies

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Teaching is such a wonderful mix of the love of content and the love of relationships. While instructing my students in a subject that I am passionate about, relationships form and trust is created. I really enjoy seeing the students develop as individuals inside and outside of the classroom. I've enjoyed teaching at Our Lady of Mercy and now look forward to working with the faculty and students at Mount Pisgah!

What is your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosphy is related to developing the whole individual.  When I teach, I hope to assist in developing the individual as a student, friend, athelete, child, etc.  It is important that each part of the individual is fed and that through my class, students learn more than just vocabulary and grammar, but also life lessons and things that will stick with them for many years to come.

Which teacher was most influential in your life? 

Believe it or not, my senior high school math teacher was the most influential teacher in my life. She was more than a educator; she was someone who cared about what happened in my life. She reminded me of my value, and never let me fall through the cracks. We are still in touch today!

I grew up with many opportunities to travel.  I have been to numerous countries and have always taken something from each trip.  The two locations that molded me the most were my trips to Piedras Negras, Mexico and Segovia, Spain.  I grew up taking mission trips to Mexico and formed relationships with the community there.  I was blessed to witness the children grow into adults and truly become a part of their lives.  Those trips gave me my love of Spanish and my love of missions.  While in college, I was able to study abroad in Segovia, Spain.  I lived with a Spanish family for six weeks and learned so much about the language and culture.  Studying abroad helped me to become the young adult that I am now.  I learned so much about Spanish, Spain, and life in general.  All of my travels have had an amazing impact on my life and I am forever grateful.  


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