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Matt Petersen

Matt Petersen
Matt Petersen
Assistant Head of Upper School
Phone: 678-336-3402
Groups: Administration,Upper School

Assistant Head of Upper School

B.A., Georgia State University 

What was your biggest a-ha moment as a teacher or school administrator? 

One of the biggest a-ha moments happened when I was asked by a former student to be a groomsman in his wedding. Although it definitely made me feel a little older-I realized the opportunity I have every day to establish a relationship with a student that can go far beyond the classroom or playing field but could start a friendship that impacts a lifetime.

Who was the most influential teacher/coach/instructor when you were growing up?  What was it about him/her that impacted you?

Mrs. Shaw, my eleventh grade English teacher was impactful because she was fair but firm and helped foster talents I think I would have otherwise ignored.

Why do you teach or work at a school?

The opportunity to establish relationships to help influence and develop the character of future generations.

Ten years from now, how will your classroom look differently? 

The future of the classroom will continue to change as technology changes. I feel future generations, both students and teachers, will have varying opportunities to learn and educate based on different technological advancements in the classroom.

What is your teaching philosophy? 

One of my roles as the Dean is to provide students the opportunity to develop their potential. Learning is a lifelong process and I have the opportunity to contribute to that process in hopes of motivating students to achieve their maximum capability.

How do you reach students?

I feel it is important to stay as current as possible as society and culture continually shift. Being able to meet a student where they are academically, socially, or even athletically can help bridge generational gaps while finding common ground to forge deeper relationships.

When nothing else is working, what is your go-to?

I think it is important to remember that most of the time in life-it is not going to work! I heard it said that life is ten percent what happens to us and ninety percent how we choose to react. It is in that ninety percent that we reveal if we are grounded in the virtues that should be engrained to help define our character. Therefore, in times of doubt and uncertainty, I try to remain grounded in my faith which strengthens my perseverance and resolve.