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Megan Koch

Megan Koch
Megan Koch
Academic Dean
Phone: 678-336-3402
Groups: Middle School,Upper School
  • Other Georgia College and State Univ

English Instructor, English Department Chair


Education Specialist, Educational Leadership, Georgia College and State University


M.S., Sports Management, University of Tennessee


B.A., English, East Tennessee State University


What was your biggest a-ha moment as a teacher or school administrator?


“Rome wasn’t built in a day” is an old adage that I quickly came to understand. Learning is a process, and the fruits are often seen many years down the road.


Why do you teach or work at a school?

Simple. I love kids. My passion is working with high school-aged students. They are in such an exciting time in their lives during their high school years. I feel that it is such a gift to be able to watch the intricacies of adolescence and young adulthood unfold before my eyes. These kids are excited about life and what the future holds for them. That is so encouraging.

What is your teaching philosophy?

My philosophy is that everything is easier to learn when you are having fun learning it. I bring a lot of energy to my class; if I can’t get excited about my subject, why should I expect my students to get excited? I pride myself on creating a positive atmosphere where mistakes are treated as opportunities to explore misconceptions rather than as a reflection of a student’s abilities.

How do you reach your students?

I hope that I reach them by being available for them and showing them I care about them as young people and not just as my students. My students know that I genuinely care about them and am committed to their success in my classroom. Through thoughtful discussions and seminars, I encourage students to ask “why?” and “how?” so that they learn to be articulate speakers and listeners in a society where these skills are increasingly lacking.

What is your fondest Pisgah memory?

My fondest memory so far has to be when I celebrated Thankful Friday with my third grade daughter. I watched her from afar as she worshiped abandoned with arms raised and eyes closed. It is an image of her that will be etched in my heart forever.