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Kelsey Dierdorff

Kelsey Dierdorff
Kelsey Dierdorff
Phone: 470-578-6000
Groups: Middle School,Upper School
  • Masters
  • Masters
  • Masters Kennesaw State University

Innovation and Academic Technology Coordinator


M.Ed., Middle Grades Social Studies, Kennesaw State University

B.S., Middle Grades Social Studies and Language Arts, Kennesaw State University

Why do you love teaching?

I love teaching because it's about the ah-ha moments, laughter, sincerity, the unexpected that keeps me on my toes. It's being able to adjust at the drop of a hat, being there for students when they need someone to listen to them, and experiencing a student discovering their own talents and gifts that God has specifically designed for them. I love teaching because it's amazing to see each individual student through a glimpse of what God must see in them!

Who was the most influential teacher/coach/instructor when you were growing up? What was it about him/her that impacted you?

The most influential teacher that I had was Mrs. Jackson. I had her my senior year of high school and she was the teacher of my teacher cadet class where I had the opportunity to learn about what it was going to be like to be a teacher and was able to field experience to try to see what area of teaching I wanted to go into. Mrs. Jackson always challenged me to be the best teacher candidate that I could be. She saw potential in me that at the time I didn't even see in myself. If it wasn't for her I probably would not be teaching at the middle school level. I originally wanted to teach high school and she challenged me to take a field experience opportunity in middle school and since I took that leap of faith, I never looked back! Teaching middle school is my passion and is a perfect fit for me. To this day she and I remain in close contact and I always go and see her when I go back and visit South Carolina.

What is your favorite moment/memory as a Pisgah employee?

My fondest memory at Mount Pisgah was when a few people told me after they watched me teach a lesson that I was reaching and connecting with students in ways that they haven't been able to be reached before. That meant the world to me and reiterates why I love teaching!

What is your favorite Bible verse? 

Matthew 17:20: “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”

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