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Karen Brunke

Karen Brunke
Karen Brunke
Director of Admissions and Marketing
Phone: 404-676-2799
Groups: Communications,Admissions
Employed Since: 3/15/2018
1 Years Experience At School

As part of our ongoing effort to seek out the best people to lead our school in all areas, we are thrilled to introduce Karen Brunke as our new Director of Admission and Marketing.
Reporting to Head of School Ruston Pierce, Brunke will oversee operations of the school’s Office of Admission, the management of admission staff, and coordinate the processes for student recruitment and selection. In this role, Brunke will be responsible for developing long-term goals and policies related to recruitment and retainment strategies, as well as overseeing strategic planning efforts while working closely with our marketing and communications office to promote Mount Pisgah in key demographic areas.