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Emily Harrington

Emily Harrington
Emily Harrington
Teacher - Bible
Phone: 678-336-3351
Groups: Middle School
  • Masters Emory University

Bible Instructor

Master of Divinity, Candler School of Theology at Emory University

B.A., Psychology and Religion, Wake Forest University

Who was the most influential teacher/coach/instructor when you were growing up?  What was it about him/her that impacted you?


My sixth grade English teacher, Mrs. Bosley, was not afraid to get us out of our comfort zones, making lessons fun and interactive.  She took rudimentary grammar concepts and put them to silly dance motions that to this day I remember.  She inspired me to make lessons multi-sensory and engaging and taught me the importance of energy in the classroom.


Why do you teach or work at a school?


I have always loved school -- everything from buying school supplies to projects in the classroom to the ebb and flow of the school calendar year.  Biblical literacy is my passion, and my long-time love of studying scripture -- its language, its context, its meaning -- is something I want to communicate to the next generation.  It is the grand narrative of which we are all a part, and it is a joy to see students piece together the picture of God’s story and find their place in it.


How do you reach students?


The greatest commandment is to love the Lord with every fiber of one’s being.  One of my goals is to communicate with passion that the Word of God matters:  how we approach it, how we read it, how we understand it.  It is living and active, like no other book, and it enables us to know the very character of our Creator.  Part of loving God, then, is loving his Word, and I hope to reach students by inspiring them to become passionate about the Bible and God’s grand story of salvation.