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Brad Smith

Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith
Teacher - Math
Phone: 678-336-3402
Groups: Upper School
  • Masters University of West Georgia

Mathematics Teacher, Upper School

M.Ed., Educational Leadership, State University of West Georgia

B.S., Mathematics, Berry College

What was your biggest a-ha moment as a teacher or school administrator?

I think my biggest / greatest a-ha moment came after I had been teaching for about 8 years.  One of my former students came back to the school on a teacher workday to tell me what a positive influence I had on him.   I know that I had teachers that positively influenced me in school, but when you hear it for the first time from a former student, it validates that you have chosen the right profession.

Why do you teach or work at a school?

Throughout my entire life I have always enjoyed working with young people.  Whether in Sunday School, coaching, scouts, etc. I’ve always felt a connection that has allowed me to establish positive, interactive relationships with a wide variety of young people.  Being in the teaching profession is more that just teaching a class.  The relationships that you establish with students can affect and mold the student's life.  Working in a school gives you the opportunity to be there for someone when they might not have the support structure at home that they need to become effective members of a community.

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