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Ali Weller

Ali Weller
Ali Weller
Assistant Head of Lower School
Phone: 678-336-3311
Groups: Administration,Lower School

B.S., Sociology, Georgia State University

Who was the most influential teacher/coach/instructor when you were growing up? 

There was teacher in Middle school who taught Music History and directed both the 6th and 7th grade Choral groups. She had the reputation of being mean and her Music History course was considered very tough for an elective. We had several options for elective courses in 6th grade, but somehow I ended up in her Music History class the first semester of 6th grade. From day one, she had incredibly high standards and expected that each of her students work hard and regardless of whether they felt that the topic was relevant or not she required that we put forth the necessary effort to perform our best. The course was incredibly tough and on occasion she did come across quite mean, but she ended up being one my favorite teachers and was by far respected by all of her students. I stuck with music for the remainder of my middle and high school years because of her positive influence.

Why do you teach or work at a school?

From a very early age I knew that I was meant to work with children in some capacity. I feel called to work with children because I want to help children grow in an environment that makes children feel valued and challenged at the same time. Working with children is the greatest job because children are a blessing to be around. In very few other jobs will you walk down the hall and have several people enthusiastically wave and scream your name, just to say hello to you. They are precious.

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