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Allison Petersen

Allison Petersen
Allison Petersen
Instructional Coach
Phone: 678-336-3353
Groups: Upper School

Academic Technology Coordinator


B.A., English, University of Georgia


Why do you teach or work at a school?


I believe in Christian education and relational ministry. Relational ministry through Young Life is how I came to know the Lord, through adults who took the time to invest in me as a young student. I teach and work in education to develop relationships with students to impact their lives on behalf of Christ. You never know as a student how one story you share or one moment you pause to show your care for a student can build a relationship that will lead a student to accept Christ.

When nothing else is working, what is your go-to?


Since I work with technology, I always have to have a Plan B to revert back to when nothing else is working. I believe that technology is simply a tool to support sound instruction from the teacher, so my Plan B is to continue with the lesson without technology by pulling out the good old pen and paper and drawing and writing by hand. It does the job just as well as long as the lesson can stand alone by itself.