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Alicia Hernandez

Alicia Hernandez
Alicia Hernandez
Teacher - Spanish
Phone: 678-336-3300
Groups: Middle School
Employed Since: 8/11/2015
5 Years Experience At School

panish Teacher

B.A., Education, La Universidad del Zulia

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

I decided to become a teacher when I was finishing high school. I loved helping people and I used to explain things related to our subjects to my peers when they couldn't understand them at school. At that moment I started thinking that education could be my call because helping and explaining things to people were things I really enjoyed doing. And I have always had a passion for learning foreign languages since I was a child. I used to tell my parents that one day I was going to be able to learn a foreign language and meet people around the world. And today, I am not only meeting people from other countries, but also helping them learn a beautiful language: Spanish.

What do you enjoy most about teaching? 

I most enjoy sharing time with the kids in class. It gives me amazing satisfaction to see on their faces that sparkle that shows me they are learning and enjoying my class. I am a loving teacher and I enjoy being around them.

Who has been the most influential person in your life? 

My most influential person has been my dad who taught me how to work hard for the things I want in life. He has always been there for me supporting and guiding me. He always encouraged me to study to become a better person and human being.

In Venezuela, I worked at foreign language institutes and schools for eight years teaching English and Spanish as a second language to children, teenagers and adults.

In 2007, I was sponsored by VIF International Education, a program which gives international teachers the chance to share their talents, skills and culture, and relocated to the United States.  After obtaining teaching certification in North Carolina, I had the opportunity to work at Catawba County Schools as a Spanish teacher for seventh and eighth graders.  I moved to Atlanta in 2012 to teach Spanish at Little Da Vinci International School in a total immersion language program. Most recently, I taught in Gwinnett County Public Schools for a year.