Mount Pisgah provides a comprehensive counseling program for Lower, Middle, and Upper School students. School counselors connect with students through classroom, small group, and individual sessions concerning students’ social, emotional, academic, and spiritual well-being. Any student can seek the support of their school counselor on a one-to-one basis whenever they feel it would be beneficial. While our school counselors offer a wide range of services, they cannot serve in the same role as a private therapist. School counselors can provide referrals and also partner with outside professionals. 
Please know if your student is experiencing a behavioral or mental health crisis the Georgia Crisis and Access Line, 1-800-715-4225, is a free resource available 24/7 to assist families.

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  • Photo of Diane Nardella

    Diane Nardella 

    Upper School Counselor
  • Photo of Susan Reilly

    Susan Reilly 

    College Counseling
  • Photo of Missy Curtis

    Missy Curtis 

    Middle School Counselor
  • Photo of Jenna Hecht

    Jenna Hecht 

    Lower School Counselor