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MPPA Parent Ambassadors

Are you new to Mount Pisgah Christian School, or just looking for ways to be more involved?  Find below a list of each grade’s Parent Ambassador (PA), as well as, a link to request membership to your graduating class’s Facebook page. 

Parent Ambassadors are responsible for welcoming new families to Mount Pisgah and for supporting them during their transitional period. They are valuable resources available to answer school wide or grade level questions. Throughout the year Parent Ambassadors work by grade level to create social events allowing new families the opportunity to meet and network with other Mount Pisgah parents.   

To find contact information for a specific PA, please log into RenWeb or send an email to:

Click here to find a grade & class specific volunteer opportunities

Rising Grade for 2020 – 2021 | Parent Ambassador | Facebook Link

Pre-School Half Day – Sam Beeler

Pre-School Full Day - Open

Jr K – Class of 2034 - Open

– Class of 2033 - Open

1 – Class of 2032    Jenny Stone & Kerri-Lee Botha   MPCSClassof2032

2 – Class of 2031    Carmen Brown & Jennifer Timar  MPCSClassof2031

3 – Class of 2030    Dori McMillan    MPCSClassof2030

4 – Class of 2029    Sally Cotty & Pegah Jimenez  MPCSClassof2029

5 – Class of 2028    Mollie Tregembo & Kristy Grulikowski    MPCSClassof2028

6 – Class of 2027    Michelle Ballard & Mary Plunkett    MPCSClassof2027

7 – Class of 2026    Jenny Stone    MPCSClassof2026

8 – Class of 2025    Donna Shultz & Jennifer Raley    MPCSClassof2025

– Class of 2024    Terri Harrison & Katie Arnold    MPCSClassof2024

10 – Class of 2023    Angie Blevins & Charlotte Proctor   MPCSClassof2023

11 – Class of 2022    Lori Overs    MPCSClassof2022

12 – Class of 2021   Keisha Childress

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