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International Application

We are grateful that you have selected Mount Pisgah school in the partnering of education for your child. We look forward to reviewing your application. Contact: Paula Wills with additional questions.


STEP 1: Complete an Online Application             

The Application fee is $125.00 U.S. Dollars. Please click this link to go directly to the online application after you have read through all of these instructions.

STEP 2: Official Transcripts & Teacher Evaluation Forms

The last 3 years of report cards/transcripts are needed. All submitted transcripts must be official and translated into English. When you do the online application, you will give consent for the current school to release the transcripts to us. We will get them directly from the current school. If the last three years the student has been at more than one school, please provide us with each school’s emails.

When you submit the online application, it will ask you for emails of current Math and Language Arts Teachers, a Counselor and Principal. We will send the email assessment forms to them and collect them back from the current school.

STEP 3: Standardized Testing 

English Proficiency Test – We require a standardized test showing current level of English proficiency.

This link will alert you to the appropriate test for your student based on their age when applying:

For ages 8-10, We accept The TOEFL Primary Tests

For ages 11-15, We accept The TOEFL Junior Tests

For ages 16 and older, We accept either the TOEFL ITP or the TOEFL iBT Test

This link will guide through the process of choosing your age appropriate test and finding a testing center in your country:

For students under the age of 8, please contact Mrs. Wills for testing information. A writing sample is also part of the English proficiency evaluation.

STEP 4: Student Interview

If your child is not currently in the Atlanta area, a video Skype or WeChat interview is required as part of the admission process. As soon as all documents are received, Mrs. Wills will contact you to schedule the interview. The interview will not be scheduled until all documents are received by Mrs. Wills. The interview is typically one hour in length.

STEP 5: Admission Decision

We will communicate with you regarding the admission decision. If it is determined that our school cannot best serve your student at this time, you will be give an explanation as to why and what the current recommendation is for your student. If your student is accepted into the international program, you will receive a formal acceptance letter via email. The admission decision is usually made within one week after the student interview.

After Acceptance to Enroll

  • Enrollment Agreement and Tuition Payment – You will receive several documents to sign and return to the school. All documents needing to be signed and returned can be signed, scanned, and returned via email. All necessary documents need to be sent to Paula Wills at You will receive the International Student Enrollment Contract, the I-20 information Form, and directions for methods of tuition payment.  Once the signed and dated Enrollment Contract, the completed I-20 form, and a copy of the student’s passport is received by Mrs. Wills and full tuition is received by the Finance Department, the I-20 will be issued and given directly to the family. If the student currently has a visa, please also provide a copy of that along with the passport.
  • Health and Immunization Forms - a Georgia DHR Immunization from 3231 must be on file before the student may begin class.
  • Proof of Medical Insurance – each student must have and maintain medical insurance coverage while enrolled at our school. Obtaining such coverage is easily done online with International Medical Group (IMG). We recommend the Student Health Advantage policy with the Sports Rider included as well. You can purchase the medical insurance at THIS LINK.

I-20 Issuance after Enrollment Contract is signed and tuition is paid

Please note that an I-20 will not be issued until we receive the following items: Your child's dated and signed enrollment contract, tuition paid, the completed I-20 form, and a copy of their passport and visa (if any).

We will provide you with links to Study in the USA and SEVP for directions of next steps in applying for the F-1 visa in your home country.

Living Arrangements and our Home Stay Program

At Mount Pisgah Christian School, we feel the Home Stay experience is of vital importance. We work closely with you to place your student with the best Host Family. During the admission process this will be discussed at length. Our Host Families are usually our own Faculty or Staff, and if not, a family that currently has students of their own at our school. Our team will work with you and your student to ensure a great fit for everyone. We carefully screen and train our Host Families in cross-cultural issues and how to welcome the international student not only into their home, but also their hearts.