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Who We Are

  Name Title Contact
Kimberly Agin Agin, Kimberly Assistant Teacher - 2s 678-336-3300
Danae Anderson Anderson, Danae MPAA Assistant/School Store
Latonia Anthony Anthony, Latonia Teacher - Science/AP Coord/Scheduling 678-336-3402
Courtney Baker Baker, Courtney Teacher - Math 678-336-3400
Karen Barnes Barnes, Karen Office Coordinator 678-336-3301
Nicole Barrett Barrett, Nicole Lead Teacher - 1st 678-336-3300
Kristin Bateson Bateson, Kristin Lead Teacher - 4th 678-336-3300
Gretchen Beck Beck, Gretchen Teacher - Reading
Sandra Bennett Bennett, Sandra Teacher - Science/History
Jimmy Bettis Bettis, Jimmy Construction/Project Manager 423-421-3767
Marcia Bettis Bettis, Marcia Head of Preschool 678-336-3321
Bayley Bostic Bostic, Bayley Assistant Teacher
Charmaine Botha Botha, Charmaine Assistant Head of Preschool 678-336-3300
Krysia Brannon Brannon, Krysia Assistant Teacher - K 678-336-3300
Shay Brasher Brasher, Shay Lead Teacher - 3s 678-336-3300
Pamela Bray Bray, Pamela Lead Teacher 678-893-5320
Connor Breslin Breslin, Connor Teacher - History/Lacrosse Coach 678-336-3402
Leslie Brooks Brooks, Leslie Lead Teacher - 3rd 678-336-3300
Elizabeth Brown Brown, Elizabeth Assistant Director of Advancement
Sherika Brown Brown, Sherika Assistant Teacher
Karen Brunke Brunke, Karen Director of Admissions and Marketing 404-676-2799
Jamie Cameron Cameron, Jamie Lead Teacher - K 678-336-3000
Mandi Carlock Carlock, Mandi Lead Teacher - 4s 678-336-3300
Mary Grace Cavaness Cavaness, Mary Grace Teacher 678-893-5320
Tracy Cendoya Cendoya, Tracy Teacher - Art 678-336-3300
Heather Chalko Chalko, Heather Assistant Teacher - K 678-336-3300
Bryanna Claybourne Claybourne, Bryanna Lead Teacher 678-893-5320
Julie Crawford Crawford, Julie Teacher - Latin
Angela Crosby Crosby, Angela Assistant Athletic Director
Alison Cuppia Cuppia, Alison Teacher - Science/Softball Coach 678-336-3402
David Darnell Darnell, David Student Life 678-336-3402
Mandri de Villiers de Villiers, Mandri Lead Teacher - 2s 678-336-3300
Kelsey Dedels Dedels, Kelsey Teacher - Spanish
Alec Degnats Degnats, Alec Teacher - Band
Jessica Delgado Delgado, Jessica Assistant Teacher
Robert Denham Denham, Robert Teacher - Math 678-336-3351
Mallory Densmore Densmore, Mallory Teacher - Pre K
Jan Diamond Diamond, Jan Assistant Teacher - 4s 678-336-3300
Kelsey Dierdorff Dierdorff, Kelsey Teacher - History 770-686-4585
Leah Dixon Dixon, Leah Assistant Teacher - 4th 678-336-3300
Cheryl Doughty Doughty, Cheryl Controller 678-336-3194
Greer Dover Dover, Greer Teacher - English 678-336-3402
Sheree Du Preez Du Preez, Sheree Head of Lower School 678-336-3314
Jenny Duke Duke, Jenny Instructional Coach 678-336-3300
Lisa Dworkin Dworkin, Lisa Teacher - AP Chemistry 404-645-3934
Joshua Epperson Epperson, Joshua
Jenny Farnham Farnham, Jenny Instructional Coach 678-336-3443
Marc Felice Felice, Marc Teacher - Science/Baseball, Basketball, Football Coach 678-336-3351
Ana Fischer Fischer, Ana Spanish Teacher/Events 678-499-5201
Alljandra Flores Flores, Alljandra Lead Teacher 678-893-5320
Mike Forester Forester, Mike Teacher - Bible/Football Coach 678-336-3402
Stacey Forsberg Forsberg, Stacey Lead Teacher - 4s 678-336-3300
Avery Garn Garn, Avery Teacher - English
Michael Gaynor Gaynor, Michael Media Specialist
Susie Gesell Gesell, Susie Teacher - Culinary 678-336-3300
Kirsten Getchell Getchell, Kirsten Lower School Office Assistant 678-336-3300
Daniel Glenn Glenn, Daniel Teacher - English 678-336-3402
Nathan Goodroe Goodroe, Nathan Teacher - Math 678-336-3402
Judy Grant Grant, Judy Financial Reporting Specialist 678-336-3422
Katelyn Greck Greck, Katelyn Teacher 678-893-5320
Johnny Green Green, Johnny Chief Operations Officer 678-336-3110
Suzanne Halloran Halloran, Suzanne Receptionist 678-336-3351
Emily Hardin Hardin, Emily Teacher - Art 423-290-8425
Emily Harrington Harrington, Emily Teacher - Bible 678-336-3351
Jeanne Harris Harris, Jeanne Lead Teacher - 3s 678-336-3300
Meghann Harris Harris, Meghann Teacher 678-336-3300
Sandra Havriluk Havriluk, Sandra Teacher - English 678-336-3402
Richard Hendricks Hendricks, Richard Teacher - PE/Health/Strength and Conditioning Coac 678-336-3400
Shannon Heotaky Heotaky, Shannon Teacher - Math/Cheerleading Coach 678-336-3402
Alicia Hernandez Hernandez, Alicia Teacher - Spanish 678-336-3300
Flor de Maria Hiers Hiers, Flor de Maria Assistant Teacher - 4s 678-336-3300
Daniel Hilton Hilton, Daniel Teacher - Drama 678-336-3351
Ashley Hobbs Hobbs, Ashley Lead Teacher - 2nd 678-336-3300
Allison Hopkins Hopkins, Allison Lead Teacher - 4th 678-336-3300
Marsha Horne Horne, Marsha Helpdesk Technician 678-336-3111
Brie Howell Howell, Brie Assistant Teacher - 1st 678-336-3300
Stephen Howey Howey, Stephen PE Teacher/Football Coach 678-336-3351
Anita Hunter Hunter, Anita Teacher - Art 678-336-3351
Kathryn Ingall Ingall, Kathryn Digital & Social Media Manager
Alexis Jalovick Jalovick, Alexis Lead Teacher - 3rd 678-336-3300
Audriana Johnson Johnson, Audriana Teacher - Chorus/Choral Director 678-336-3351
Jody Johnson Johnson, Jody Teacher - Math/Equestrian Coach 678-336-3402
Patrick Johnson Johnson, Patrick Teacher - History/Basketball Coach 678-336-3402
Whitney June June, Whitney Lead Teacher - 2nd 770-594-5290
Ida Kee Kee, Ida Assistant Teacher 678-893-5320
Jolene Kellner Kellner, Jolene Administrative Assistant 678-336-3351
Clay Kelsh Kelsh, Clay Teacher - Latin 678-642-5080
Megan Koch Koch, Megan Teacher - English 678-336-3402
James Lee Lee, James Campus Police Officer 678-336-3393
Jennifer Lee Lee, Jennifer Admissions Manager
Ryan Livezey Livezey, Ryan Director of Athletics
Betty Louis Louis, Betty Assistant Teacher 678-893-5320
Naomi Louis-Charles Louis-Charles, Naomi Lead Teacher 678-893-5320
Donna Lowe Lowe, Donna Asst to Head of School/HR Coordinator 678-336-3332
Tatiane Lucas Lucas, Tatiane Assistant Teacher
Ange Maignan Maignan, Ange Assistant Teacher 678-893-5320
Joy Mann Mann, Joy Assistant Teacher 678-893-5320
Paul Martini Martini, Paul Teacher -History/Sports Information Director 678-336-3351
Kate Massey Massey, Kate Assistant Teacher
Winnie Mbogo-Nasieku Mbogo-Nasieku, Winnie Assistant Teacher 678-893-5320
Steven McBride McBride, Steven Facilities
Peggy McCarthy McCarthy, Peggy Lead Teacher - 4s 678-336-3300
Susan McDevitt McDevitt, Susan Social Studies 678-336-3351
Craig McGaughey McGaughey, Craig Assistant Teacher - 2nd 678-336-3300
Ambrey McWilliams McWilliams, Ambrey Teacher - Computer Science 678-336-3402
Andrea Medford Medford, Andrea HR Director
Joshua Merry Merry, Joshua Teacher - Science/Robotics/MS Lacrosse/US Wrestling 678-336-3351
John Messinger Messinger, John Teacher - Science/Athletic Trainer 678-336-3300
Kristin Messinger Messinger, Kristin Admin Assist to the Athletic Director 678-336-3357
Kurt Michelsen Michelsen, Kurt IT Operations Manager 777-105-663_
Ashley Mitnick Mitnick, Ashley Registered Nurse 404-405-7512
Carly Morris Morris, Carly Teacher - English/Student Life
Mary Ann Morris Morris, Mary Ann Head of Upper School 678-336-3402
Debra Moss Moss, Debra Administrative Assistant 678-893-5320
Melanie Murphy Murphy, Melanie Teacher - Spanish/Student Life 678-336-3402
Vickie Murray Murray, Vickie Teacher - Music and Movement/Chapel/Spanish 678-336-3300
Diane Nardella Nardella, Diane Upper School Counselor 678-336-3402
Tyler Nemec Nemec, Tyler Teacher - Social Studies
Sarah Nolan Nolan, Sarah Lead Teacher - K 678-336-3300
John O'Connor O'Connor, John PE Teacher/Football Coach 678-336-3300
Allie Ott Ott, Allie Teacher - Math
Heather Parker Parker, Heather Teacher - English 678-336-3351
Emily Payne Payne, Emily Teacher - Bible 678-336-3402
Andrew Perry Perry, Andrew Teacher - Science 678-336-3402
Allison Petersen Petersen, Allison Instructional Coach 678-336-3353
Matt Petersen Petersen, Matt Assistant Head of Upper School 678-336-3402
Caprice Pickering Pickering, Caprice Learning Specialist 678-336-3300
Aimee Pierce Pierce, Aimee Spiritual Formation/Guidance Counselor 678-336-3300
Ruston Pierce Pierce, Ruston Head of School
Shelly Prox Prox, Shelly Advancement Manager
Pat Raftery Raftery, Pat Lead Teacher - 1st 678-336-3300
Susan Reilly Reilly, Susan Director of College Counseling 678-336-3402
Molly Richey Richey, Molly Receptionist 678-336-3402
Robert Rieve Rieve, Robert Teacher - Strings
David Rogers Rogers, David Assistant Head of Middle School 678-336-3402
Christine Rosa Rosa, Christine Teacher - Math/Student Life 678-336-3351
Jamie Rosa Rosa, Jamie Teacher - Bible/Soccer Coach 678-336-3351
Lori Russo Russo, Lori Writing Instructor
Jennifer Scott Scott, Jennifer Middle School Counselor 678-336-3351
Darah Seigler Seigler, Darah Assistant Director 678-336-3322
Vicki Serrano Serrano, Vicki Teacher 678-336-3400
Alli Sheets Sheets, Alli HR/Operations Specialist 678-336-3371
Della Shepherd Shepherd, Della Lead Teacher - K 678-336-3300
Stephanie Shepp Shepp, Stephanie Assistant Teacher - 2s 678-336-3300
Kimberly Simpson Simpson, Kimberly Teacher - Science 678-336-3322
Bradley Smith Smith, Bradley Teacher - Math 678-336-3402
Janey Smith Smith, Janey Student Support 678-925-8189
Vicki Smith Smith, Vicki Student Support 678-336-3261
Marie St. Romain St. Romain, Marie Lead Teacher - 3s 678-336-3300
Wendy Sullivan Sullivan, Wendy Assistant Teacher - 4s 678-336-3300
Anna Swafford Swafford, Anna Teacher - PE 678-336-3351
Orrin Swayze Swayze, Orrin Teacher - Media Arts/Journalism
Katherine Thomas Thomas, Katherine Director of Mount Pisgah Arts Academy 678-336-3351
Shane Tomashot Tomashot, Shane Teacher - History 678-336-3402
Ardin Tucker Tucker, Ardin Assistant Athletic Director 678-336-3402
Elaine Walker Walker, Elaine US Registrar 678-336-3423
Julie Walker Walker, Julie Assistant Teacher - 3rd 678-336-3300
Ali Weller Weller, Ali Assistant Head of Lower School 678-336-3311
John Whitehurst Whitehurst, John Teacher - History/Instructional Coach 678-336-3402
Dawn Wickline Wickline, Dawn Lead Teacher - 2s 678-336-3300
Karrie Willard Willard, Karrie Admissions Manager 678-336-3425
Maria Williams Williams, Maria Teacher - History 678-336-3402
Sylvia Williams Williams, Sylvia Lead Teacher 678-336-3310
Paula Wills Wills, Paula Director of International Programs/US Bible 678-336-3442
Heather Wilson Wilson, Heather Teacher 678-336-3300
Diane Winfield Winfield, Diane Lead Teacher - 1st 678-336-3300
Nancy Wolff Wolff, Nancy Accountant
Tom Wood Wood, Tom Director of Advancement
Jamey Woods Woods, Jamey Teacher - Health/PE/Baseball Coach
Marie Woods Woods, Marie Head of Middle School 678-336-3351
Pam Yarjan Yarjan, Pam Teacher - Music 678-336-3300