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Student Success Services

Student Success Services at Mount Pisgah Christian School consists of a team of specialists - learning strategists, counselors and teachers - who are committed to empowering students academically, emotionally and socially. This team has a holistic approach to equipping students to achieve their potential. This work is done collaboratively to meet students where they are, then multiply their talents.

Student Support at MPCS is based on developmental student needs across divisions.  While the goal in the lower school is early identification and remediation, the emphasis in the middle and upper schools is on executive functioning support and study skills development.

Lower School

MPCS Lower School offers individualized instruction plans with classroom accommodations for students with a professional evaluation and/or diagnosis. Lower School also offers programs with short-term targeted interventions and ongoing interventions in foundational reading and math using evidence-based practices, per administrators discretion. Each year, the programs are tailored to meet the needs of the students enrolled in Student Support Services.

Click here for our Lower School Accommodation Guidelines.

Lower School Student Support Services Department

Caprice Pickering Head of Lower School Student Support Services; Learning Specialist, Early Intervention Math Program

Whitney June Learning Specialist, Early Intervention Reading Program

Dianne Gormley Learning Specialist, Upper Elementary

Middle School & Upper School

In the Middle and Upper Schools, Learning Specialists work closely with classroom teachers as they implement approved accommodations from educational evaluations and support teachers’ use of best practices for all students.  For an additional cost, the Learning Specialist may also provide identified students with executive functioning support and study skills coaching in a designated class period during the school day.  

Click here for our Middle School Accommodation Guidelines.

Middle and Upper School Student Support Department 

Vicki Smith - Learning Strategist, 5th and 6th Grade

Janey Smith - Learning Strategist, 7th and 8th Grade

Rudy Wilson - Upper School Learning Strategist

“The SSS program has been life changing for our daughter….Once here and enrolled in this program our daughter has blown our minds with what she has been able to accomplish.  Everyday I am amazed at how well she handles situations. And this has so much to do with the love and support she has gotten from Mrs. Smith.  I am SO thankful that we have this option and HIGHLY recommend it for any child with learning challenges”.  - Parent of 7th grade student

“The confidence, organization and study skills that this has taught our daughter is beyond anything we expected.  Not only that but it’s done in a manner with grace, patience and love.” - Parent of 6th grade student

School Counseling

The mission of the Mount Pisgah Christian School counseling team is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the spiritual, academic, personal and social development of all students. In partnership with other educators, parents and community members, school counselors support the school mission to teach foundational truth in an ever changing world, empowering students to think critically and creatively and to act with courage and compassion.

School counselors accomplish this mission through classroom, group and individual guidance. In addition, the counselors develop and provide parent programing to address the developmental needs of students.

School Counselors:

Lower School Aimee Pierce

Middle School Jennifer Scott

Upper School Diane Nardella


“The counselors at Mt. Pisgah truly know the children and as a result, can be proactive when needs arise. This love and concern for the children further enhances the family feel at Mount Pisgah and allows the children to trust the counseling staff. There is a real relationship there, one that engenders grace and support from all angles; no child goes unseen or unheard.”  -Parent of current 8th grade student and Mount Pisgah graduate

College Counseling

Mount Pisgah Christian School is proud to provide an exceptional college counseling experience backed by the expertise of an outstanding team of professionals. Each student is well known at Mount Pisgah and individual strengths, talents and preferences are taken into account throughout the college counseling process. Students meet early and often with the team for college planning and preparation. The counseling team utilizes the Naviance Family Connection system to help students organize their materials and thoughts during college exploration. Checklists, informative meetings and workshops are provided for both students and parents.

Learn more about the program by clicking here.