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Head of Lower School

Mount Pisgah Names Sheree Du Preez

New Head of Lower School


Mount Pisgah Christian School is pleased to announce the hire of Sheree Du Preez as its new Head of Lower School, culminating an extensive search for a visionary educational leader to help guide its students and school to a bright new future.

Du Preez comes to Mount Pisgah with three decades of educational experience in the U.S., Africa, and most recently Dubai, UAE, where she served as the Assistant Head of School for Mirdif Private School. During her time in education, Du Preez has spent seven years as an elementary school teacher, two years as director of gifted programming, 15 years as an elementary principal, and five years as a head of school. 

This background has enabled her to develop a vast understanding of teacher training, best practices in education, program and curriculum development, differentiated instruction, effective communication, intercultural competencies, data-driven teaching and learning, strategic planning, collaboration/team building, and biblical integration.

“Sheree is one of the best educational leaders I have ever seen,” Mount Pisgah Head of School Ruston Pierce said. “Her teachers display incredible personal and professional growth, she loves children for who they uniquely are and conveys that love to them, and she runs a school of excellence. Nothing less. I am thrilled to add someone of her caliber. She will do great things at Mount Pisgah.”

Du Preez, who was selected from over 40 applicants, previously held positions as Assistant Head of School and Head of Lower School at Grace Baptist Academy in Chattanooga, Tennessee, between 1997-2011.

Mount Pisgah’s search team was especially impressed with Du Preez’s education philosophy, which aligns with many of the school’s Guiding Principles.

“I believe strongly that a quality elementary school is one that works to find inner passion for learning and curiosity in students,” Du Preez said. “It is paramount that elementary school educators seek to develop students as independent, active learners and understand that all students learn differently. An excellent education needs to address the whole child, not simply focus on traditional academic skills. Only the combination of academic skills, strong character development (service, kindness, integrity, etc.), and strong biblical training will prepare students for God’s purpose for their lives.”   

Over her career in education leadership, Du Preez has also demonstrated the effectiveness of working alongside her team to support all aspects of a child’s development.

“My greatest strength is building congenial, mutually respectful relationships with those that I work with and working as a team to bring about excellent student performance and growth,” Du Preez said. “Collaboration and establishing trust are essential to effective school leadership and ultimately student progress.”

Du Preez holds a Master’s Degree of Education in Administration and Instructional Leadership. She has presented numerous seminars on topics including leadership development, developing child-centered educational programs, and understanding by design. She will be moving to Johns Creek this semester with her husband, Jan. She has two adult children, J.R. and Emma, who live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and two step children, Jandre and Derik, who live in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Du Preez will assume her role after her transition back to the U.S. has been completed.



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