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Welcome to Mount Pisgah Preschool!

Looking for that "and then some" for your child?

Look no further. Mount Pisgah Preschool offers a low student-to-teacher ratio and small classes where children explore, develop and interact with other kids in a fun, structured setting. Because young children learn by doing, Mount Pisgah provides hands-on activities and close interaction with teachers that make a tremendous difference in early childhood development. 

The curriculum is carefully planned with engaging activities that promote:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Language and Literacy
  • Physical Development 
  • Social Emotional Development

A Christian environment provides the setting for the curriculum, offering opportunities for each child to grow in the awareness of the love of God.

Mount Pisgah educators strive to model Christ-like behavior and use "teachable moments" to demonstrate the love of Jesus throughout the day. Each child is uniquely created by God and mutual respect is fostered in the preschool. This view is reflected in our goal to meet children where they are and move them forward to reach their full potential in a loving and supportive environment which upholds Christian values. In the preschool, we use a thematic, developmentally-approporate approach in teaching concepts. In knowing each child and understanding his or her learning styles, we are equipped to provide the best opportunities and support in our preschoolers' learning experiences. 

Science in the preschool is viewed more as a verb than a noun. It is a way of thinking and acting in the process of discovering the nature of things. Mount Pisgah Preschool students regularly visit the "Happy" Science Lab where hands-on experiments and discoveries bring learning to life. These engaging science lessons are just one example of Mount Pisgah's trademark approach to instruction. Creative stimulating experiences are also incorpoated into math, language arts, spanish, art and technology lessons. Special performances and field trips provide opportunities for children to increase ttheir awareness of the unique characteristics of various cultures.  

An important aspect of the development of a child is his or her social and emotional growth. This includes a child's relationship with himself and others, self-esteem and the ability to express feelings. Lessons feature stories that teach young children important character traits and good manners such as self control, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness, citizenship and respect. These basic elements of character are believed to reflect the highest form of human beahvior. Caring staff use relevant situations that arise to help children grow in this area of development. Our program is designed to integrate Christian principles throughout daily activities and routines. 


For additional information on the Full-Day program, please call 678-893-5320.

For additional information on the Half-Day program, please call 678-336-3300.

Mount Pisgah Introduces Marcia Bettis as New Head of Preschool 

All of our preschool programs are accredited by SACS-AdvancEd and SAIS