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Mount Pisgah Middle School provides a safe, nurturing environment where a God-loving faculty forges lasting relationships with students in grades five through eight.

Our smaller class sizes allow faculty to engage students individually, meeting them wherever they are and taking them as far as they can go, to help them achieve their full potential. While students develop organizational skills, effective study habits and strong communication skills, they also get the opportunity to explore and expand their faith.

By educating spiritually and academically, Mount Pisgah Middle School establishes a firm foundation from which to launch students through high school and beyond.





Marie Woods

Head of Middle School

  Name Title Contact
Danae Anderson Anderson, Danae Art Instructor
Courtney Baker Baker, Courtney Teacher - Math 678-336-3400
Gretchen Beck Beck, Gretchen Teacher - Reading
Sandra Bennett Bennett, Sandra Teacher - Science/History
Shane Clack Clack, Shane Teacher - Latin
Michael D'Andraia D'Andraia, Michael Teacher - PE
Alec Degnats Degnats, Alec Teacher - Band
Robert Denham Denham, Robert Teacher - Math 678-336-3351
Kelsey Dierdorff Dierdorff, Kelsey Teacher/Innovation & Academic Technology Coordinator 770-686-4585
Marc Felice Felice, Marc Teacher - Science/Baseball, Basketball, Football Coach 678-336-3351
Avery Garn Garn, Avery Teacher - English
Suzanne Halloran Halloran, Suzanne Receptionist 678-336-3351
Emily Harrington Harrington, Emily Teacher - Bible 678-336-3351
Shannon Heotaky Heotaky, Shannon Instructional Coach 678-336-3402
Alicia Hernandez Hernandez, Alicia Teacher - Spanish 678-336-3300
Daniel Hilton Hilton, Daniel Teacher - Drama 678-336-3351
Stephen Howey Howey, Stephen PE Teacher/Football Coach 678-336-3351
Audriana Johnson Johnson, Audriana Teacher - Chorus/Choral Director 678-336-3351
Jolene Kellner Kellner, Jolene Administrative Assistant 678-336-3351
Megan Koch Koch, Megan Academic Dean 678-336-3402
Susan McDevitt McDevitt, Susan Social Studies 678-336-3351
Craig McGaughey McGaughey, Craig Substitute Coordinator 678-336-3300
Joshua Merry Merry, Joshua Teacher - Science/Robotics/MS Lacrosse/US Wrestling 678-336-3351
Carly Morris Morris, Carly Teacher - English/Student Life
Tyler Nemec Nemec, Tyler Teacher - Social Studies
Allie Ott Ott, Allie Teacher - Math
Heather Parker Parker, Heather Teacher - English 678-336-3351
Allison Reeves Reeves, Allison Teacher - Bible
Robert Rieve Rieve, Robert Teacher - Strings
Beth Rogers Rogers, Beth Teacher - Math
David Rogers Rogers, David Assistant Head of Middle School 678-336-3402
Elizabeth Scarbrough Scarbrough, Elizabeth Teacher - History
Jennifer Scott Scott, Jennifer Middle School Counselor 678-336-3351
Janey Smith Smith, Janey Student Support 6783363400
Vicki Smith Smith, Vicki Student Support 678-336-3261
Katherine Thomas Thomas, Katherine Director of Mount Pisgah Arts Academy 678-336-3351
Marie Woods Woods, Marie Head of Middle School 678-336-3351