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College Prep. Life Ready.

At Mount Pisgah, education is a partnership between students, faculty and parents. We provide an opportunity for the students to learn and experience academics from qualified Christian faculty.

Your child will be provided with a unique opportunity to experience a rigorous college-preparatory education in an environment that cultivates their unique gifts and talents. 

We invite you to learn more about Mount Pisgah Christian School by reviewing the school profile our college guidance team sends to colleges and universities as they consider admission and scholarships for our students. 

The Mount Pisgah Graduate:

  •  Knows and is inspired by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  •  Values and builds authentic relationships that bring meaning to life, and that strengthen family and community.

  •  Achieves a balanced life grounded in spiritual, emotional and physical health.

  •  Solves personal and real world challenges through creative thought, self-advocacy, perseverance and resilience.

  • Understands and cultivates unique gifts and talents and has the courage to act on convictions.

  • Thinks and communicates with clarity and purpose.

  • Collaborates to accomplish goals, solve problems and resolve conflict.

  • Respects the dignity of every individual through responsible and empathetic communications and actions.

  • Makes a difference in the community and in the wider world, by working for justice, promoting peace and protecting God’s creation.