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FAITH - As a school, we value faith. We cannot imagine a life without faith. Everyone lives by faith. We live by faith in Jesus Christ.                                   

Once a week, Mount Pisgah students attend Chapel; an environment meant to inspire a student’s spiritual development. Attending a Chapel in any division you will find a mixture of message and fun.

The Lower School students attend a formal Chapel service where messages focus on biblical character traits meant to inform a student’s heart while compelling them to serve their peers. Student are also led in songs…and don’t be surprised to see a teacher-led skit bringing the trait to life as well.

In the Middle school, each Chapel promises to be a high-energy event. Students come into music, often participate in a humorous game and receive an individual ticket for the coveted, weekly raffle prize. Each chapel ends with a relevant message given by teachers or Senior Peer Leaders rooted in the Gospel.

Chapel in the High School is an entirely student-led environment. Chapel Team, taken as an additional Bible elective, consist of students who want to make a relevant and entertaining environment where students can have the opportunity to grow in their faith. The Team often creates a Chapel with music, student produced videos and a teacher or student message around topics engaging Christian faith, relevant to the their high school experience.




Mount Pisgah Christian School opens and closes each school year with a Convocation service. Our community thanks God for another school year, asks for grace and blessings and celebrates the opportunity to worship together. Students participate in the service in many ways: scripture readings, choral performances, etc.

One of the most heartwarming traditions is the procession of classes, including the Alpha-Omega walk when kindergarten students and our seniors make their way down the aisle, hand-in-hand.