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We are Mount Pisgah Christian School, Home of the Patriots!



We are excited that you have taken time to visit and learn about Mount Pisgah Christian School. We are blessed with a school community that feels like family. Our school is committed to the highest quality instruction taught through the lens of a biblical worldview in a nurturing environment.  Our mission drives us to provide college preparatory academic excellence while integrating biblical truth so that our students will become ready for life and genuinely committed to impacting the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Though it’s difficult to experience the warmth of our school community through a website, I invite you to come visit MPCS to feel the relationships and community at our school. Once you arrive on campus, you will be embraced by people who live out our “Guiding Principles”. These values create the environment for students to succeed in all their God-given talents, whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, upon the stage, or in the community.  

Our ultimate goal is to teach the foundational Truth in an ever-changing world, empowering students to think critically and creatively, and to act with courage and compassion. Our outstanding students, teachers, staff and great parents work together to help students grow academically, physically, socially, and spiritually.  As you navigate this website, you will find information describing the many programs offered to our JK-12 students and our Preschool students, from infant to four.  

Come join us as we live out our faith daily, seek to develop lasting relationships, enthusiastically embrace curiosity, encourage engagement, and celebrate achievement in the caring of our students, one student at a time.  I am looking forward to your visit –  and am confident that you will want to join in with us as we cheer our students and our school -

“We are Pisgah!”

Ruston Pierce
Head of School

As the Head of School, the #1 priority of the school will always be spiritual life. My educational philosophy encompasses a Jesus-centered environment that is fun and joyful while receiving an excellent education. This is only possible by the grace of our Almighty God and dedicated emphasis on fulfilling the Strategic Plan with achievable timelines, excellent stewardship, and maintaining a laser focus on innovation, spiritual and leadership development, growing programs in arts, athletics, and life service.  

Strategic Plan accomplishments:

Growing Faith - Affirming the foundational concept of development of spiritual maturity that leads to Christ-likeness in the Mount Pisgah community.  There is a tangible movement of the Holy Spirit – you can feel it.

  • A Statement of Faith has been adopted and communicated identifying the primary doctrinal of the school signed by all employees, Board members, and communicated to the families who attend. As a mission school, we understand there are many different views of Christianity and we welcome students of any faith into our programs with the understanding that the student/family acknowledge and respect our missional alignment.

  • Professional development has been implemented school wide for Biblical integration in the school community at large to be a spiritual-lead campus.  Monthly emphasis on spiritual development is guiding the effort.

  • Faculty and staff discipleship opportunities in the form of small groups as well as student small groups before and after school to provide the opportunity to mentor and minister to others.

  • Planned opportunities for students to serve, participate in mission trips, and lead spiritually both locally, and at the state, national and international levels to develop and cultivate their spiritual gifts and grow in their faith.

  • Partnering with local churches, community associations, and other non-profits striving to meet the needs of the community.  MPCS participates in numerous local charities, holiday events, and community development activities, arts, athletics and technology events as the school community lives out the faith foundation the school is built upon.

Growing Educators who are experts in their field and passionately committed to the mission of the school and excited about building relationships with students and families.

  • A meeting rotation has been devised to maximize time with teams across the divisions to facilitate efficiency in accomplishing goals, coaching and mentoring, and meeting the needs of the staff, faculty and student body.

  •  Significant professional development and innovative opportunities are adding value to the K-4 Division and creating an instructional army with new coaching teams across all divisions.

  • Creation of the RISE Leadership Academy is leading to succession planning while achieving growing leaders across the campus.

  •  Creating an expanded budget for professional development to support and invest in a top-tier faculty and ensure the school is the employer of choice among teachers passionate about teaching and sharing their faith.

Growing Opportunities - provides extraordinary programs of academics, athletics, and arts that inspire students and faculty/staff to discover, explore and pursue their God-given talents and purpose. Significant improvement and changes are allowing the school to advance the mission and develop centers of excellence.

  • The movement of 5th grade to the Middle School, creating a 5th/6th grade academy and a 7th/8th grade academy, creating stronger learning environment that satisfies both developmental needs and better transition from one learning setting to another.  With added focus on physical and social development of the student and their individual learning needs, the Middle School experience can better bridge and support the student and develop ownership of learning as they enter the upper grades.

  • Resolved the Student Support Services and the Pacekeepers program and identified a cross-divisional support system across all divisions, JK-12, to provide differentiated instructional programs that serve both gifted students and those who benefit from additional learning support.

  • Curriculum mapping and vertical alignment teams established to ensure success in teaching and learning in every grade level to achieve an excellent education in preparation for the college experience.

  •  Innovative programs being designed and implemented such as the Media Arts Program focusing 100% on students, faith, relationships, curiosity, engagement and achievement.

  • Arts Academy unveiled in September, 2017 to meet current student and community needs for arts development in music, art, dance, and a multitude of other individual development areas.

  • Athletic programs are being highlighted with focus on football, basketball, baseball, softball, wrestling, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, swimming, equestrian and others across divisions.

  • Partnership with Chick-Fil-A for the Upper School student leadership program with plans of expanding similar programs into other divisions.

  •  Partnership with college to offer advanced degrees onsite for our faculty and community in the near future.

Through these many offerings, Mount Pisgah Christian School is being positioned to be THE school of Johns Creek.

Growing Community – provides a campus community for students, parent, faculty and staff to feel welcome and supported so that all thrive academically, socially and spiritually. The message being communicated is “you are welcome here” to families, friends and community.

  • Currently identifying and executing partnerships with local businesses to expand the experiential learning utilizing local chambers to cultivate these relationships.

  • Identified a shared volunteer coordinator role to provide a point of contact among the parent community for those wishing to provide their time and services to our school across all divisions.

  • Using student events to bridge the divisions such as all-school pep rally, having football and cheer visible in the car lines in the different divisions to welcome students.

  • Ongoing monthly communication events with parents and weekly opportunities for parents to have an open forum with the Head of School.

  • Expanded the International Program to create more community among the international students on campus

  • Redesigning the admission team to be more community service engaged in the cities of Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Milton and Roswell.

  • Streaming live events to families and friends across the city, state and even world.

  • Scheduling international trips for the purpose of furthering the spiritual mission, and advancing the connectedness with the world such as recent trips to China for the purpose of introducing the school to other countries.

Growing Facilities - prepares the school for continued growth which is driven by enrollment growth.  Through community events, fairs, festivals, school preview days, Social media, strategic marketing and tours, the focus on enrollment is paving the way for immediate changes in our Lower School structures that will greatly affect the learning environment of the students.  

  • Lower School renovation and campus planning underway to complete the Campus Master Plan

  • The Arts have new found motivation hosting several events this year to generate interest and revenue through the use of existing facilities.

  • Patriot Café being utilized as building community before, during and after school.

  • The new Patriot Shop opened in the Athletic department offering spirit wear for the whole family.

  • New space being provided for the wrestling team for practice on South Campus.

  •  Patriot Athletic Campus player development facility completed with anticipation of future PAC projects, including tennis courts and additional field house with lockers.

  • Continuing to pursue financial and environmental sustainability goals to be a good steward of resources.

Growing our Foundation - to ensure the economic viability of the school for today’s students and for future generations with the belief that a Mount Pisgah education is a valuable investment for students to learn, lead, and gain the skills to thrive in college and in life.

  • Developing a marketing strategy and communication plan utilizing online engagement increasing awareness and involvement.  Total fans of Mount Pisgah are up 2.4%, Facebook followers are up 104%, Twitter followers are up 172.7% and new Instagram followers are up 238.5%.  By creating more engaging content, parents and families are able to share videos and content pages to increase the visibility of the school.

  • Recognizing that everyone is an admission officer for the school – the concept of ownership of who we are and where we are going increases the opportunities for each of us to drive the message of “We are Mount Pisgah.”

  • Seeking more ways of finding additional revenue streams including Georgia GOAL, Alumni participation, Annual Fund, foundations, grants, and other resources available to the school through collaborative partnerships to strengthen the culture of giving.

  • Growing financial aid is a priority to allow families who desire a Christian education have the ability to attend.

  • Continue to operate within a balanced budget, grow enrollment, and eliminate debt.

In summary, hiring the top talent to lead, continuing to implement Vision and Values, maintaining enrollment focus and community engagement, streamlining finance, providing effective communication and asking everyone to engage in our community is what we are focusing on to “provide an outstanding college preparatory education grounded in Christian faith and values.”

At Mount Pisgah, growing is a way of life!



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