Spiritual Life


Upper and Middle Schools

Once a week, Mount Pisgah students attend Chapel- an environment meant to inspire a student’s spiritual development. Attending a Chapel in any division you will find a mixture of message and fun.

The Lower School students attend a formal Chapel service where messages focus on biblical character traits meant to inform a student’s heart while compelling them to serve their peers. Student are also led in songs…and don’t be surprised to see a teacher-led skit brining the trait to life as well.

In the Middle school, each Chapel promises to be a high-energy event. Students come into music, often participate in a humorous game and receive an individual ticket for the coveted, weekly raffle prize. Each chapel ends with a relevant message given by teachers or Senior Peer Leaders rooted in the Gospel.

Chapel in the high school is an entirely student-led environment. Chapel Team, taken as an additional Bible elective, consist of students who want to make a relevant and entertaining environment where students can have the opportunity to grow in their faith. The Team often creates a Chapel with music, student produced videos and a teacher or student message around topics engaging Christian faith, relevant to the their high school experience.

Lower School Spiritual Formation
Deb Knoblock, Head of Lower School


“Where did I come from?  Why am I here?”  While these may seem like big questions, little people ask them.  As young as four years old, children understand the concept of right and wrong.  At age five, “all about me” is a favorite theme.  This year's lower school schedule was intentionally arranged to place greater emphasis on Spiritual Formation, since this is the time when students begin to develop an understanding of who God is, how they relate to Him and what the Bible is and the role it plays in their lives.

Following the theme of Journeys, students will engage in weekly worship services tailored to suite their stage of development, daily prayer and devotional time with their teacher and classmates, a separate weekly Bible class and bi-weekly, in-class Bible lessons.

Pisgah's mission is to provide an outstanding college-preparatory education grounded in Christian faith and values.  Jenny Keeton has answered the call at the Lower School to lead the realization of this twin pillar of our school’s mission by overseeing and coordinating our Spiritual Formation program.  She serves as our dedicated Bible teacher, implementing the new curriculum, Walking With God and His People, in order to equip students in kindergarten through fifth grade with the knowledge they need to understand and believe God's word.  Our prayer is that students will reflect that relationship and faith by living lives of gratitude and obedience.

As our pupils move through the process of forming their spiritual model during their lower school years to having an autonomous spiritual life in an individual relationship with the Lord during their middle and upper school years, we hope that they will keep this year’s anchor verse, Psalm 86:11a, in their hearts: “Teach me your way, O Lord; I will walk in your truth.”