STEAM Lab Opens


North Fulton’s future scientists, artists, inventors and scholars don’t have to wait until high school to begin making exciting discoveries, thanks to the preschool STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) lab that has opened at Mount Pisgah Christian School. On the very first day, children couldn’t wait to get their hands on the interactive learning tools available in the bright and inviting space.

The STEAM lab is designed for project-based exploration of the interactions of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. These may seem to be lofty subjects for such young students but the preschool years are a prime time for instruction in critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration.

Inside the engaging STEAM lab, telescopes and talking globes encourage hands-on play and learning. Students are eager to collaborate on projects and make new discoveries about the world around them. Interactive SMART Boards and iPads are used to teach math, science and literacy lessons with games that keep the children engaged and prompt them to get up and move, even dance.

“The children love learning about the habitats and how to care for our live animals including fish, birds, hermit crabs and frogs,” said teacher Nicole Celmer. “They love to put on their lab coats and eye protection to take part in fascinating experiments using our new science lab table. The lab is also attached to a garden where the children love to learn about plants.”

The STEAM lab is an integral part of the Mount Pisgah Preschool Full Day curriculum and work is underway to add a similar facility to the Preschool Half Day program.