For this school year, Mount Pisgah is thrilled to offer live streaming of athletics events at Savior Field and inside the Drummond Center. This new video enhancement is part of a collaboration between the Athletics Department, the Patriot Club and Mount Pisgah's Information Technology Department.

With the installation of two Pixellot camera systems at Savior Field and "The Drum", Mount Pisgah supporters will now have the ability to watch games from wherever they are.

"These cameras will give our community ultimate viewing access, as well as providing our coaches with one of the best training tools available," Kent Harrison, Mount Pisgah's Director of Athletics, said. "I'm excited that our coaches will now have film access for practices and I'm extremely excited that our students, faculty and family members will be able to tune in from anywhere in the world to watch our Patriots. This is a game-changer for our athletics department."

The purchase of the cameras, as well as the infrastructural improvements necessary to ensure live broadcasting, was made possible through the generosity of the Patriot Club. Live streaming access will require a Patriot Club membership. You can join today for as low as $100. 

The Pixellot S-Series cameras feature a fully automated production system that syncs with scoreboard technology, allowing real-time, on-screen updates during games. 

Both units represent significant technological advancements in their own industry and a movement toward increased ease in the follow and capture element of broadcasting, according to Johnny Green, Mount Pisgah's Director of Technology.
"The goal of adding these cameras was set by Kent Harrison when he engaged the school's technology office with a challenge to provide some increased stability for the sports broadcasting program," Green said. "It was quickly realized that infrastructural improvements would be required and with the assistance of the Patriot Club, construction began on a high-speed internet connection for the stadium press box, making video streaming possible. The ability for the technology office to participate and advance our existing programs is as high a priority to this office as developing new programs."

The project was completed in time for the start of the 2017-18 school year.

As the video system becomes a bigger part of the school and athletics department, student involvement will include video monitoring, editing, game announcing and post-production as part of our growing Media Arts program.  

We have an incredible opportunity to ensure that our students have access and knowledge of the technology that's driving the tremendous markets of sports media, marketing, and broadcasting while they are supporting the accomplishments of their fellow student athletes.