Lower School




Lauren Allen, Junior Kindergarten Assistant

Karen Barnes, Office Coordinator

Kristen Bell, Lower School Counselor 

Charmaine Botha, Kindergarten Assistant

Leslie Brooks, Third Grade Lead Instructor 

Aubrey (Brown) Delinsky, Junior Kindergarten Lead Instructor

Jamie Cameron - Kindergarten Lead Instructor 

Heather Chalko - Kindergarten Assistant 

Jan Clark, Science Instructor

Leah Dixon, Life Ready Skills Instructor

Jenny Duke, Explorers Instructor 

Jenny Farnham, Language Arts Instructor 

Susie Gesell, Culinary Instructor

Kirsten Getchell, Administrative Assistant

Susan Halloran, Fourth and Fifth Grade Assistant 

Alicia Hernandez, Spanish Instructor 

Ashley Hobbs, Second Grade Lead Instructor

Brianna Howell, First Grade Assistant

Whitney June, Second Grade Lead Instructor 

Alexis Jalovick, Third Grade Lead Instructor

Jenny Keeton, Bible and Worship Leader

Susan McDevitt, Social Studies Instructor

Craig McGaughey, Second Grade Assistant 

John O'Connor, Physical Education Instructor

Carm Powers, Junior Kindergarten Lead Instructor

Pat Raftery, First Grade Lead Instructor

Shannon Sanders, Math Instructor

Della Shepherd, Junior Kindergarten Assistant 

Vicki Smith, Learning Specialist, Director of Pacekeepers Program 

Courtney Tarpley, Third Grade Assistant 

Elaine Walker, All-School Registrar

Ali Weller, Director Pisgah Preschool

Diane Winfield, First Grade Lead Instructor 

Pam Yarjan, Music Instructor