GOAL is a tax strategy that allows Georgia taxpayers to redirect a portion of their state income tax to provide scholarships for eligible students to attend Mount Pisgah Christian School.


Thank you for "taking the credit" for GOAL in 2017! Your generous participation means more dollars to support more students.

The deadline for 2017 tax credits was December 22, 2016. Last year, 137 contributors who participated in the 2016 GOAL Scholarship Program and submitted a total of $292,706.26 to the Department of Revenue (DOR) for 2016. We concluded our 2016 GOAL Scholarship efforts with a total of $155,338.08 - after proration - available in tuition assistance to new students. Thank you for your investment in our school and its students!


The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program is Much More Than a Way to Redirect Your Tax Dollars.

A 2008 law allows individuals and corporations to receive a Georgia income tax credit (and federal income tax deduction) for redirecting their state income tax payments to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program. GOAL uses these contributions to provide private school scholarships to students who are eligible to enroll in pre-K4, kindergarten, or first grade or who are transferring from a Georgia public school. Click here to learn more.


Give Yourself Some Credit!

You are already paying income taxes - why not direct those funds to provide Georgia children with Greater Opportunities for Access to Learning (GOAL). By contributing to GOAL for a tax credit, you will provide opportunities for Georgia families desiring to attend Mount Pisgah. Our school is then able to:

  • increase the amount of tuition assistance that can be offered to new students
  • preserve more of our existing tuition assistance to help families already enrolled
  • increase enrollment
  • increase tuition income
  • increase the funds available to improve educational and other offerings
  • enable the school to further its mission by reaching more families desiring a Christ-Centered, College-Prep, Life-Ready education


What Others are Saying:

“Georgia GOAL Scholarship is an amazing program that provides K-12 families educational opportunities that they might not otherwise have. When you contribute to GA GOAL, you get a dollar for dollar tax credit against your GA income tax liability... it's a simple redirection of funds.  It is a great way to not only help our School with scholarship funding, but to also provide opportunities for potential students that might not otherwise be able to receive a private school education.” Leigh Ann Bishop, Mount Pisgah Parent

What is the Maximum Amount I Can Contribute?

  • Single individual or head of household - up to $1,000
  • Married couple filing joint return - up to $2,500
  • Married couple filing separate return - up to $1,250
  • C Corporation - 75% of Georgia income tax liability
  • S Corporation shareholder, LLC member, or partnership partner - now up to $10,000

We all have an opportunity to redirect a portion of our Georgia State Tax dollars, (money we are already paying), to Mount Pisgah Christian School. Let's tell our government what to do with our tax money!


Does This Take the Place Of the Annual Fund?

No. Georgia GOAL is not a financial gift. It is a tax strategy that provides a dollar-for-dollar tax credit to individuals or corporations who donate to scholarship funds earmarked for use by a specific private school. The Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program restricts the use of these funds. The funds are then used by Mount Pisgah to offer tuition aid to a public school student seeking enrollment. The Annual Fund is a financial gift to Mount Pisgah. Learn more about how we use Annual Fund contributions here. 


How Do I Participate?

Once you receive notification of your approval, please make check payable to “Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program” in the amount of your contribution and mail to Georgia GOAL, Five Concourse Pkwy, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30320, or simply Click here to pay online.

GOAL will send you the required paperwork to claim the credit on your tax return.


How Do I File?

As you prepare to claim the Education Expense tax credit on your Georgia Income Tax Return, you may refer to Taxpayer Filing Guidance on GOAL's website here.