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Summer Camp


Registration for Summer Camp will open in January 2018.


Children must be 5 years old to attend. Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Enrollment will close when program is full.

The summer camp is a full time 5-day program with a minimum of three weeks reservation. Three weeks do not need to be consecutive. 

Hours of Operation:  7 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.  

You may drop off your child anytime between these hours always arriving 30 minutes prior to a field trip departure.

ALL FORMS MUST BE COMPLETE TO SECURE YOUR CHILD’S RESERVATION. Registration will not be accepted with missing information and the forms will be returned to you.  IMPORTANT: Please be sure to complete both sides of the STUDENT INFO CARD.

If you are registering for both programs be sure to download forms for both programs.

All forms must be complete to secure your child’s reservation. Many forms are multi-paged be sure to complete both sides and include your registration fees. Once your registration is received and processed you will receive an email or phone confirmation of your reservation. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns 678.336.3311.

Three week minimum required.

Send completed forms to: Mount Pisgah Pathfinders,  Mount Pisgah Christian School,   9820 Nesbit Ferry Rd, Johns Creek, Ga 30022

The following fees will be due at the time of registration:

 A non-refundable registration fee of $50 for a single child and $75 per family  

A deposit of one week’s tuition that will be applied to the FIRST week your child/ren attend Summer Camp.  

A security card must be purchased for $10/per card in order to enter our secure building. Lost cards may be replaced for a fee of $20. 

All students must wear a field trip T-shirt on all field trips; you are responsible for purchasing a minimum of two per camper.

Method of Payment:

Summer Camp tuition is due on the MONDAY MORNING of each week that your child is scheduled to attend.

​Forms and fees will not be accepted for single field trips.

All fees are non-refundable and transferable. Cash is not accepted.



On the go! From Amicalola Falls to Zoo Atlanta, we keep these campers on the move. While providing fun and exciting activities we attempt to keep the activity fees to a minimum. Campers are offered a wide variety of field trips to various places of interest in and around North Georgia in addition to their on site activities.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to meet reservation times, children are required to be at Mount Pisgah at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. To be fair to all children involved, we cannot delay a field trip for late arrivals.  


Field Trip Safety: Much thought and planning is given to the safety and age appropriate activity of each field trip. All field trips are a program sponsored event and program rules will be enforced. Safety is Mount Pisgah’s first priority and will be closely followed. When students are away from the campus, their ability to follow directions is most important. If, for any reason, a student demonstrates the inability to follow directions and possibly jeopardizes the safety of the group, the parents will be notified immediately. If notified, we ask for your support in conveying to your child the importance of being safe. If such behavior continues, a decision will be made to determine if the child is able to continue to participate in field trips that will take him/her away from our campus. 

Field trip T-Shirts: Field trip T-shirts are required for ALL field trips. This safety mechanism allows our staff to readily identify our students. Since T-shirts are required for all field trips we ask that parents purchase a minimum of two t-shirts per child for a nominal fee. On your enrollment contract please fill out T-shirt section indicating size and quantity.




Swimming is the number one favorite field trip for all ages!!  In the past we have utilized the City of Roswell Pool for our swimming activities. If an additional site is chosen, the information will be included in the Field Trip forms you receive.  ALL students will be given a swim test to be used primarily to determine the number of chaperones needed for the field trip to be staffed adequately and safely.  At no time will any student be labeled as failing the test. 


Swim aids such as “floaties”, life jacket, goggles, etc. are highly recommended for new swimmers or for any student that the parent is uncomfortable with their child’s swimming ability.  Again, safety is Pisgah Pathfinders number one priority.  


Change of clothes/Individual Swim Bags: Getting the students changed for swimming can be quite timely.  Therefore, we ask for your cooperation in allowing the boys to wear their swim suit to camp and bring a dry set of clothes for after swim change.  


We have found that two-piece swims suits worn by the girls to camp (under their clothes) allow them to be able to use the restroom adequately and still be ready to go swimming with little effort.  A dry set of clothes will be needed for after swim change. Remember, all clothing items must be clearly marked.  Individual swim bags are required for all age groups! Plastic shopping bags have proven to be a disaster for keeping items together as they tear very easily and items become lost.  Please invest in a canvas bag.


Spending Money: Children are occasionally permitted to bring extra spending money.  Field trips that allow for spending money will be identified in the field trip forms.  Children will be responsible for their own money. We ask that you keep spending money at an amount that you know your child can handle (up to a ten dollar limit for regular field trips, some special occasions may warrant more).  If extra money becomes a problem for the child or the teacher, we reserve the right to prohibit spending money.



 Sunscreen is mandatory for each child attending the Summer Camp Program. Sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher must be brought from home and stored at Mount Pisgah for the duration of your child’s camp attendance.  Please label container with your child’s full name and give it to your child’s teacher. Permission for Pisgah Pathfinder staff to either monitor or apply the sunscreen to your child will be required. ALL students will have sunscreen applied at Mount Pisgah before swimming or extended outdoor activity as a safety precaution.



***A water bottle brought from home is mandatory in order for each camper to be kept adequately hydrated.  All water bottles must be clearly marked with the child’s name and taken home daily to be washed and sanitized or replaced with a new bottle.


Snacks: A nutritional morning breakfast snack and an afternoon snack are served daily during the Summer Camp Program.  Only afternoon snacks will be provided in the After School Program. If you would like to send a snack from home it must be peanut-free. 

Lunch: Your child will need to bring a nutritious lunch from home each day during the Summer Camp and on all full day care dates unless lunch is included in a scheduled field trip.  No carbonated drinks are allowed.  For health reasons, children’s lunches must be sent in an insulated lunch container as lunch is often taken on a field trip.  Refrigeration is unavailable on site.  

Food Allergies: Mount Pisgah’s priority is for all children to be safe.  If we have a child with a severe food allergy, we reserve the right to ban some food products from being packed in lunches and brought to Mount Pisgah.  If necessary, this decision will be made at the discretion of the Program Director and is expected to be honored. 


All children will have a daily rest/quiet time. This period will typically take place after lunch or upon returning from a field trip.  Kindergarten and first grade students may wish to bring a small stuffed animal, blanket, or towel.  Children in grades second through sixth will have a relaxing quiet time.  We encourage children of all ages to spend part this part of each day reading if they do not wish to rest. For health reasons, we require all rest towels/blankets to be taken home weekly and laundered.  Please be certain that YOUR CHILD’S NAME IS ON HIS/HER REST ITEMS. Because of limited storage, NO LARGE ITEMS PLEASE