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Pathfinders Registration Instructions


After School

1.     Complete After School Enrollment Agreement – All families must complete a contract. Fill in your child’s name and fall school year grade. Indicate the schedule your child(ren) will follow, i.e. two children for five days or one child for three days etc.

a.     New families, please indicate how many security cards you would like to purchase, you will need at least one to enter the building.

b.     Returning families, please fill in the numbers on your card to have it reactivated.

2.     Tuition and Security fees- Tuition will be collected monthly by Smart Tuition. All families will be registered in Smart Tuition by the finance office. Instructions to log-in and set-up a password will be sent to you via email.

a.     Some one-time fees must be paid via check at registration.

 Submit check payment for:

1.     Security Card Fees: Payable by check $10 per card (if applicable)

2.     Drop-in Enrollment Tuition: Payable by check $230 in Aug and Jan.

b.     All other associated child care fees will be collected via Smart Tuition.

3.     Return Completed Registration – Send your completed contract and check payment to the lower school office via mail or in person.

4.     Log into ParentsWeb and complete/update Health & Permission Forms – In order to complete your registration, these steps must be completed. You will receive an email prompting you to log-in when the forms are available.

a.     New Families: Follow the instructions for creating a ParentsWeb account and log in to complete the student information forms. All sections must be completed and saved.

b.     Returning families: Log in to update and verify Heath, Student Information and permission forms. Please note that you must log into to verify the information