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Welcome to the Mount Pisgah Parents' Association (MPPA). If you have a child attending Mount Pisgah, then you, too, are already a member.

Our Mission is simple: To unite the parent community of Mount Pisgah and to organize opportunities to give back to the school. 

If you ever have any ideas or questions, please reach out to anyone on the 2018-2019 MPPA Board. Click here to login to ParentsWeb for the full parent directory and contact information. 

2018-2019 Board Members:

Amy Loeb - All School Chair
Cheryl Doughty - Preschool Full Day Chair
Alli Sheets - Preschool Full Day Chair
Elaine Bousarkis - Preschool Half Day Chair
Claire Breese - Preschool Half Day Chair
Mollie Tregembo - Lower School Chair
Casey deRijke - Middle School Chair
Jennifer Aliff - Upper School Chair
Terri Harrison - Treasurer
Donna Shultz - Events Chair
Jennifer Raley - Events Chair
Alison Earle - Marketing Chair
Billy Earle - Marketing Chair
Andrea Hancock - Volunteer Chair
Charlotte Proctor - Patriot Partner Program Chair
Debbie Hicks - Spiritual Life Chair

Keep up with the MPPA on social media: