All Primary school students enjoy exposure to vocal music, and kindergartners through fifth grade students are given dramatic and vocal performance opportunities in grade level plays. Chorus is offered at the Primary School for our fourth and fifth grade students twice a week during the school day.

The Mount Pisgah Chorus Prep School program is under the direction of full time Director Audriana Johnson. Several evening concerts and other showcase experiences are presented throughout the year.





Chorus: A Song That Never Grows Old


Nearly 2500 years ago, Sophocles said, “Whoever neglects the arts when he is young has lost the past and is dead to the future.”  As the Mount Pisgah Choral program continues to grow, every child should be the beneficiary of exceptional fine arts exposure and education.  Learning how to sing well, to effectively navigate the road map of a musical score and to interpret lyrics and pitches that evoke emotion provides choristers more than a skill, it provides them a template for critical and creative thinking while unearthing their innate desire to connect with the world around them.  In chorus, students gain an understanding of processes, but they also gain insights into philosophy and psychology.  Students explore the minds and hearts of composers old and new as they are guided on a journey through their own minds and hearts.  Awakening a child to the artist inside is an honor.  Being able to foster that burgeoning talent is a delight.

Technology has afforded our students many advantages, but there is no substitute for the human component in creating sounds that provoke others to think and feel.  In the chorus classroom students prepare for performances that represent only a small portion of the depth and breadth of the learning that takes place every day.  Pisgah’s choral students relish the opportunity to display their outstanding artistry offering their audiences a glimpse into the wonderful world of singing. Invested and engaged audiences ensure the long-term social, academic, artistic and spiritual enrichment of these developing artists and portends great things for generations to come. 
For the pride of Mount Pisgah and to the Glory of God!