After School





In order to provide the safest environment for your child, Mount Pisgah security includes cameras and security card access. All doors accessible to the building used by the Pathfinder Program will be locked during the hours of operation. Record of attendance and pick-up of all students is recorded in each teacher’s Class Attendance Book.  


A security card will be issued to each family enrolled. There is a $10.00 fee for each requested card, with a limit of two cards per family please.

Any lost card must be reported immediately, so the card number can be deleted. A new card will be issued to you at the replacement card cost $20.00. 

As a parent/guardian, it is your responsibility to ensure that another individual does not follow you into the building.  Additionally, you should not expect to follow another   individual into the building without a security key.

Our security can only be as good as we all make it. 



Our program requires that children must be attended by an adult at all times. Parents/adults must walk to the child’s classroom to pick up. If children are away from the classroom, a sign will be posted outside the room or in the doorway directing parents to the class’s location (e.g. playground, gym, etc.).  Remember, children are to stay with parents.  Please do not expect your child to return to the building without you.    

In order to maintain the highest level of safety---The Pisgah Pathfinder Staff has been directed not to allow any child to go to a waiting car or to cross the parking lot unattended. Parents are expected to pick their child up from the playground and field areas. Please remember to inform your child’s teacher that you are leaving. 

Release of Children: Children will not be dismissed to persons not authorized on student forms, unless advance notification is given to the Director. It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the program of alternate caregivers, such as babysitters or grandparents.  Unfamiliar persons picking up children will be asked to display their driver’s license for identification and parent will be called for verification.   


A late fee will be charged when children are picked up after the program’s closing hours in both the Summer Camp and After School Programs.  The late fee is $1.00 for each minute after 6:15 p.m. After the third late pick-up, the rate will increase to $2.00 per minute. Every three additional late pick-ups will result in a $1.00 increase per minute. This fee applies to each child who is picked up after 6:15pm, without exception. Please allow yourself extra travel time for traffic and weather related delays.



All children are required to wear a seat belt at all times while being transported.  Driver will check for the proper fit of all seatbelts and record attendance of all children.  A copy of all emergency information will accompany the children while on the bus.  All children will be required to follow all safety rules as mandated by Mount Pisgah Christian School. Please discuss the importance of proper behavior for the safety of all children with your child. Any child not complying will not be allowed to ride on the bus and parents will be notified immediately. 


As we plan the field trips, much thought and planning is given to the safety and age appropriate activity of the trip.  All field trips are a program sponsored event and program rules will be enforced.  Safety is Mount Pisgah’s first priority and will be closely followed.  When students are away from the campus, their ability to follow directions is most important.  If, for any reason, a student demonstrates the inability to follow directions and possibly jeopardizes the safety of the group, the parents will be notified immediately.  If notified, we ask for your support in conveying to your child the importance of being safe. If such behavior continues, a decision will be made to determine if the child is able to continue to participate in field trips that will take him/her away from our campus.


We appreciate your cooperation in paying fees on time. After the second returned check, or Non-Sufficient Fund draft, a money order payment will be required. Admission into another program, (i.e. Pathfinder Summer Camp or After School Program, Enrichment, Mount Pisgah Sports, Mount Pisgah Christian School, etc.) will not be accepted unless all tuition payments are current. Non-payment of fees will be grounds for dismissal of your child from the Pathfinder Program.  Returned checks or NSF drafts will be charged $35.  Tuition that is past due by more than 7 days will be assessed a late fee of $10.00 per week.  


Consult your physician for appropriate precautions concerning all illnesses or rashes. Students with a bacterial infection must have been on an antibiotic for 24 hours before returning to school. 

If a student becomes ill during the school day, parents will be notified. Pick-up arrangements must be made immediately.  For this reason, it is imperative that emergency information and telephone numbers are current and up-to-date.  Parents or other authorized persons should report to the Pathfinder After School/Summer Camp office in order to pick up a sick student. Pick-up arrangements must be made within a 30-minute time frame. 

Please report to the after school/ summer camp office any of the following:

  • All communicable diseases.
  • Any serious illness or health problem concerning the student.
  • Any event that may cause the student physical or emotional stress.

IMPORTANT: To ensure that students stay healthy while they are in school, students should be free of the following symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.  


Unexplained Rashes


Runny Nose

Nausea or Vomiting

Red eyes

Excessive Coughing

Sore Throat





We reserve the right to refuse admission to any student with the above symptoms.  We appreciate your cooperation in the matter.


Pisgah’s priority is for all children to be safe.  If we have a child with a severe food allergy, we reserve the right to ban some food products from being packed in lunches and brought to Pisgah.  If necessary, this decision will be made at the discretion of the Program Director and is expected to be honored.   


Prescription / Non-Prescription Medication: Students who must take a prescribed medicine during program hours are required to give the office personnel the medicine for storage. An authorization from the attending physician indicating the start date of the medication is to be administered is also required.

If a prescribed medication is necessary in order to allow a student to attend either the Pisgah Pathfinder Summer Camp Program or the After School Program on a regular basis, the Program Director will assist in administering the medication to the student under the following conditions. Parents or legal guardian must take the following action: 

  1. Written instruction from the physician regarding the administering of the medication, including dosage, expected duration of administration of the medication, and possible side effects of the medication.
  2. Execute a release (in the form required by the School Committee) releasing the Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church, the Mount Pisgah Christian School and any agent or employee thereof from any liability for administering any medication and or any reaction to medication given.
  3. Deliver medication to the Program Office in its original prescription bottle indicating date, name of patient, medication and dosage.  At no time may a child have any type of medication on self (e.g.:  cough drops, cough medicines, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc).
  4. Medication will be administered at 12:00 noon and 4:00 p.m. during the Summer Camp and at 3:00 p.m. during the After School Program.  If your request cannot be met, then the Program Director has the discretion not to administer medication to child. 



All Pisgah staff is required by law (GA code section 19-7-5) to provide protection of the children whose health and welfare are adversely affected or threatened by the conduct of those responsible for their care and protection.  In order to provide that protection, all suspect situations will be reported to the Program Director, who is then responsible for reporting such situations to the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFACS). 


In our ongoing effort to provide the best care for your child, we maintain a Christian environment requiring each child to uphold Christian values and display Christian-like behaviors and attitudes.  

Behaviors found totally unacceptable and warranting immediate action include: 


-Physical aggressiveness


-Abusive or vulgar language




-Name calling 

Notification of Parents: We do our best to handle the problem with the child at the time of the misbehavior.  If all attempts fail, parents are notified and expected to pick up child.  If and when you are notified, you are requested to respect and support these procedures, even though they may temporarily inconvenience you.  Our desire is to provide a secure, safe environment for all children in our program. Continuation of unacceptable behaviors may result in dismissal from program.


ALL Kindergarten students must bring a complete change of clothes to camp every day.  Please place items a large zip-lock bag and label with child’s name. We suggest other age group children with an “accident” tendency to have a change as well. We have found having a change of clothes helps to prevent parents from being called to bring a change of clothes or to pick up their child due to an accident.    

Dress your child in clothing that is durable and comfortable.  Your child will be active while at Pisgah Pathfinder Summer Camp and After School Programs and will have opportunities to participate in messy activities.  Your child must not feel inhibited to engage in activities because of fear that he/she might get something on his/her clothes.  The Pisgah Pathfinder Program will not be responsible for damage done to clothing during program activities.  Weather permitting, children will have outdoor play and should dress accordingly.  For safety reasons, children must wear closed toe shoes.  Sandals and any open toe shoes are NOT permitted.  Tennis shoes or sneakers are recommended.  Sandals may be brought on swim days and worn during swimming field trips only. 


Any games, toys, books, clothing, etc., brought to the program must be labeled with your child’s name and is the responsibility of the child. Pisgah Pathfinder staff is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Electronic Devices: If your child chooses to bring an electronic device such as a Nintendo DS, ITouch, or any other electronic device they alone are responsible for that item. Staff cannot hold or be responsible for storage of these items. Any loss or damage incurred is the student’s responsibility.

During Summer Camp children will be permitted one hour only of video game play per day. During the school year students may bring their electronic devices on Friday and may use them during “Movie Time”.


Due to Inclement Weather: Pisgah Pathfinder After School Program follows Fulton County calendar and/or the Independent School calendar.  In the event of inclement weather warranting school closing for Fulton County Schools, our program will also be closed.  In the event of a closing, parents will be notified via ParentAlert text and or email from Program Director.

In the event of Midday Closing, parents will be responsible for picking up their child(ren) at their respective school, as we are unable to contact all parents by telephone.  Please monitor all news reports throughout the day in anticipation of midday closings. In the event of a closing, parents will be notified via ParentAlert text and or email from Program Director.

Emergency Procedures: Severe weather will be closely monitored by the school.  Staff members are trained in appropriate emergency and evacuation procedures, CPR, and first aid.  Evacuation and emergency plans are reviewed and updated periodically.  Fire and emergency drills are held throughout the year.