After School





Mount Pisgah Pathfinders is offered year-round and we are delighted you are considering our program for your childcare needs. We stand tall and proud of the outstanding reputation we have established in the community for the high quality of childcare we provide. Our goal is to be in partnership with parents working toward the goal of fulfilling each child’s potential. It is the aim of the Mount Pisgah Pathfinder Program to create a safe atmosphere in which parents are secure in knowing their children are well cared for and happy in their home away from home.

Mount Pisgah Pathfinders focuses on all aspects of a child’s development welcoming children from all faiths, races and nationalities. Interaction and social networking with children of the same age is an integral part of our program as children are placed in the same grade classroom.

The spiritual growth of each student is very important to us. To foster the development of each child’s spirituality we offer an open and supportive atmosphere where concerns can be discussed within their own classroom and among friends. Teachers lead age appropriate Christ-centered devotions which includes discussion, prayer and praises. Team building and cooperation are emphasized during this time to generate a better understanding of the children’s needs, as well as teachers’ expectations to establish a working classroom. Mount Pisgah Pathfinder staff members are highly qualified and trained individuals dedicated to offering an excellent classroom structural setting for children until their day ends and they go home to family. To learn more about our program and meet the staff, we invite you to arrange for a tour. You are always welcome!  After School and Early Bird Care, Summer Camps and more - Mount Pisgah Pathfinders has it all!