Our annual Open House was Saturday, January 28. 

Following an informational program, families were escorted by one of our student ambassadors on a tour of our school, including visits to the classrooms to meet our teachers. Many of our current parents were eager to answer questions from prospective families and help discover why they call Pisgah home.

What they say about Pisgah's annual Open House:

Thank you for the Open House on Saturday. We very much enjoyed the entire event! Our tour guides were fabulous. We were very impressed with Mount Pisgah and all of the wonderful people that we met on Saturday.  Our child was very excited when we left the open house and has been sharing his experience with everyone over the past few days.”

"I was very impressed with the Open House!  The set-up of everything was lovely!  I loved the video (people love hearing what the students actually think of the school)." 

"First of all I wanted to say we were very impressed on how welcoming everyone was throughout the whole Open House experience.  Our student tour guide was so polite and informative during our private tour of the middle school.  The staff and teachers were so enlightening about Mt. Pisgah's curriculum. We loved the feel of the cozy pods in the 6th grade hall and it is so inviting and not intimidating. And, Gabby really enjoyed the warmth and humor of all the teachers."

"I wanted to express my appreciation for the opportunity to tour the upper school and meet the teachers.  It was helpful to see the entire facility and spend a few minutes with each teacher. Our tour guide was outstanding and provided us with her insights on navigating the high school experience.  She made our daughter feel very comfortable about moving up to high school."

“It was a pleasure meeting you and all of the Mount Pisgah staff on Saturday.  And the enthusiasm of the students and parents speaks volumes about the school community.  As evidenced by our immediate application to the Preschool, all of our questions were answered during the Open House!"