Peek into a Mount Pisgah classroom and you’ll see students utilizing laptops, Chromebooks and iPads as they conduct research, share documents, work within spreadsheets, take quizzes, or create videos and presentations.

Our JK to 12th grade teachers utilize the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices that provide both laptop and tablet functionality. This transformational tool, which is highly portable, supports wireless presentations and screen casting, video production, lesson recording and much more.

Teachers now work to continually find ways to integrate technology meaningfully into the curriculum. Technology alone does not improve student learning—it is simply a tool to help teachers equip students with today’s ‘must have’ skills: collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

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Today's students part of the millennial generation of “digital natives,” have been born into a new world, inundated with technology and immersed into a digital world of connectivity, gaming and social media. Because of this environment and the careers that students will soon face, synergy between technology and teaching is key. Students need to master 21st century skills to be prepared to problem solve, create content and think critically in college and in the workplace. We invite you to learn more about the exciting new initiatives Mount Pisgah has launched to take the School’s technology program to the next level.