Mount Pisgah Christian School provides an outstanding college-preparatory education grounded in Christian faith and values.


Mount Pisgah is a loving community that inspires each community member to discover, explore, and pursue God-given talents and purpose. The Mount Pisgah Experience builds lasting relationships, develops leadership through service, encourages a love of learning, and engages in the intellectual and social challenges of our times guided by a biblical worldview.



  • Student learning is the chief priority in the school. Students will learn in an academically excellent environment that encourages reaching their full potential.
  • All stakeholders share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.
  • The school must provide a safe and physically comfortable environment which promotes student learning and growth.
  • The administrators, teachers and parents who teach and know each student personally should provide a support system that nurtures the student and encourages students and their success.
  • Families should be actively involved in the lives of their children and should be committed to the school’s community and mission.
  • The athletic program will promote physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, competition and school spirit. The cultural arts program will engender an appreciation for the theory and aesthetics of music, art and theatre.
  • Prayer and worship are integral parts of the life of the entire school community; faculty, staff and parents are encouraged to model the Christian faith to students and encourage students to make disciples in their communities.