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Mount Pisgah Christian School
9820 Nesbit Ferry Rd.
Johns Creek, GA 30022-9881
Phone: 678-336-3400



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  Name Title Group
Kimberly Agin Agin, Kimberly Lead Teacher - ESH2 Lower School, Preschool
Elizabeth Albright Albright, Elizabeth Math/SSS Teacher Middle School
Cody Anderson Anderson, Cody Director of Alumni Relations and Georgia GOAL Advancement
Latonia Anthony Anthony, Latonia Science Teacher Upper School
Jessica Barksdale Barksdale, Jessica MS Math
Karen Barnes Barnes, Karen Office Coordinator Lower School
Nicole Barrett Barrett, Nicole LS Lead Teacher - 1st
Kristin Bateson Bateson, Kristin LS Lead Teacher - 4th
Kristen Bell Bell, Kristen Lower School Counselor Lower School
Marcia Bettis Bettis, Marcia Head of Preschool Preschool
Charmaine Botha Botha, Charmaine Asst. Teacher - KPrep Lower School
Krysia Brannon Brannon, Krysia Assistant Teacher - K Lower School
Shay Brasher Brasher, Shay Lead Teacher - ESH3 Lower School
Pamela Bray Bray, Pamela Lead Teacher Preschool
Connor Breslin Breslin, Connor History Teacher/Lacrosse Coach Athletics, Upper School
Leslie Brooks Brooks, Leslie Lead Teacher - 3rd Lower School
Allison Bussey Bussey, Allison Lead Teacher Preschool
Mike Buteau Buteau, Mike Director of Communications and Marketing Administration
Jamie Cameron Cameron, Jamie Lead Teacher - K Lower School
Mandi Carlock Carlock, Mandi Lead Pre-k Teacher Preschool
Katie Carter Carter, Katie Assistant Teacher Preschool
Mary Grace Cavaness Cavaness, Mary Grace Lead Teacher Preschool
Tracy Cendoya Cendoya, Tracy Teacher - Art Arts, Lower School
Heather Chalko Chalko, Heather Assistant Teacher - K Lower School
Julie Crawford Crawford, Julie MS Latin Teacher
Alison Cuppia Cuppia, Alison Science Teacher/Softball Coach Upper School
David Darnell Darnell, David English Teacher Upper School
Julie Davidson Davidson, Julie Assistant Teacher - 3rd Lower School
Mandri de Villiers de Villiers, Mandri Asst. Teacher - 2’s Preschool
Robert Denham Denham, Robert MS Math Teacher Middle School
Kelsey Dierdorff Dierdorff, Kelsey MS Teacher Middle School
Leah Dixon Dixon, Leah Assistant Teacher - 4th Lower School
Cheryl Doughty Doughty, Cheryl Controller Operations
Greer Dover Dover, Greer English Teacher Upper School
Sheree Du Preez Du Preez, Sheree Head of Lower School Lower School
Jenny Duke Duke, Jenny Teacher - Explorers Lower School
Jenny Farnham Farnham, Jenny Instructional Coach Lower School
Marc Felice Felice, Marc Science Teacher/Baseball, Basketball, Football Coach Middle School
Ana Fischer Fischer, Ana LS Teacher - Spanish
Alljandra Flores Flores, Alljandra Assistant Teacher Preschool
Mike Forester Forester, Mike Bible Teacher/Football Coach Upper School
Stacey Forsberg Forsberg, Stacey Lead Teacher - ESH4 Preschool
Kimberly Freemyer Freemyer, Kimberly Lead Teacher Preschool
Cicley Gay Gay, Cicley Webmaster Communications
Michael Gaynor Gaynor, Michael Media Specialist Operations
Susie Gesell Gesell, Susie LS Teacher - Culinary Lower School
Kirsten Getchell Getchell, Kirsten Lower School Office Assistant Lower School
Olivia Gill Gill, Olivia Teacher - ESFD
Daniel Glenn Glenn, Daniel English Teacher/ Drama Teacher Arts, Upper School
Nathan Goodroe Goodroe, Nathan Math Teacher Upper School
Margot Gorham Gorham, Margot Assistant Teacher - ESH3 Preschool
Judy Grant Grant, Judy Financial Reporting Specialist Operations
Johnny Green Green, Johnny Chief Operations Officer Operations
Suzanne Halloran Halloran, Suzanne Receptionist Middle School
Emily Harrington Harrington, Emily Bible Middle School
Jeanne Harris Harris, Jeanne Lead Teacher - ESH3 Preschool
Rachel Harrison Harrison, Rachel Assistant Director Preschool
Bryan Hatmaker Hatmaker, Bryan Fine Arts Director Arts, Middle School
Sandra Havriluk Havriluk, Sandra English Teacher Middle School
Richard Hendricks Hendricks, Richard Strength and Conditioning Coach Athletics
Shannon Heotaky Heotaky, Shannon Math Teacher/Cheerleading Coach Upper School
Alicia Hernandez Hernandez, Alicia LS Teacher - Spanish Lower School
Flor de Maria Hiers Hiers, Flor de Maria Assistant Teacher - ESH2 Preschool
Daniel Hilton Hilton, Daniel Drama Teacher Arts, Middle School, Upper School
Ashley Hobbs Hobbs, Ashley Lead Teacher - 2nd Lower School
Gwen Hollis Hollis, Gwen Lead Teacher Preschool
Allison Hopkins Hopkins, Allison LS Lead Teacher - 4th
Marsha Horne Horne, Marsha Helpdesk Technician Operations
Brie Howell Howell, Brie Assistant Teacher - 1st Lower School
Stephen Howey Howey, Stephen PE Teacher/Football Coach Athletics, Middle School
Anita Hunter Hunter, Anita Art Teacher Arts, Middle School
Alexis Jalovick Jalovick, Alexis Lead Teacher - 3rd Lower School
Mary Janico Janico, Mary Admission Officer Admissions
Audriana Johnson Johnson, Audriana Choral Director Arts, Lower School, Middle School, Upper School
Jody Johnson Johnson, Jody Math Teacher/Equestrian Coach Upper School
Patrick Johnson Johnson, Patrick History Teacher/Basketball Coach Athletics, Upper School
Luciane Jones Jones, Luciane Assistant Teacher Preschool
Whitney June June, Whitney Lead Teacher - 2nd Lower School
Jenny Keeton Keeton, Jenny Teacher - Bible Lower School
Jolene Kellner Kellner, Jolene Administrative Assistant Middle School
Clay Kelsh Kelsh, Clay Latin Teacher Upper School
Megan Koch Koch, Megan English Teacher Upper School
James Lee Lee, James Campus Police Officer Operations
Ryan Livezey Livezey, Ryan Teacher/Coach Athletics, Middle School
Leah Longoria Longoria, Leah English Teacher/Basketball, Volleyball Coach Upper School
Betty Louis Louis, Betty Assistant Teacher Preschool
Donna Lowe Lowe, Donna Asst to Head of School/HR Coordinator Administration
Ange Maignan Maignan, Ange Assistant Teacher Preschool
Joy Mann Mann, Joy Assistant Teacher - Infant Preschool
Paul Martini Martini, Paul History Teacher/Sports Info. Director Middle School
Lisa Mason Mason, Lisa Assistant Teacher Preschool
Tanna Matthews Matthews, Tanna Teacher Preschool
Winnie Mbogo-Nasieku Mbogo-Nasieku, Winnie Assistant Teacher Preschool
Peggy McCarthy McCarthy, Peggy Lead Teacher - ESH4 Preschool
Susan McDevitt McDevitt, Susan Social Studies Middle School
Craig McGaughey McGaughey, Craig LS Asst. Teacher - 2nd Lower School
Ambrey McWilliams McWilliams, Ambrey Computer Science Upper School
Andrea Medford Medford, Andrea HR Director Operations
Joshua Merry Merry, Joshua MS Science/MS Lacrosse/US Wrestling Athletics, Middle School
John Messinger Messinger, John US Science Teacher-Athletic Trainer Athletics, Upper School
Kristin Messinger Messinger, Kristin Admin Assist to the Athletic Director Athletics
Kurt Michelsen Michelsen, Kurt IT Operations Manager Operations
Sarah Millette Millette, Sarah Spanish/Cross Country, Lacrosse Coach Athletics, Middle School
Ashley Mitnick Mitnick, Ashley Rn Facilities
Carly Morris Morris, Carly
Mary Ann Morris Morris, Mary Ann Head of Upper School Administration
Meredith Morris Morris, Meredith Learning Strategist Upper School
Debra Moss Moss, Debra Administrative Assistant Preschool
Eleni Motz Motz, Eleni Lead Teacher - K Lower School
Melanie Murphy Murphy, Melanie Spanish Teacher Upper School
Vickie Murray Murray, Vickie Preschool Teacher Preschool
Diane Nardella Nardella, Diane Upper School Counselor Upper School
Tyler Nemec Nemec, Tyler MS History
Sarah Nolan Nolan, Sarah Teacher
John O'Connor O'Connor, John P.E. Teacher/Football Coach Lower School
Heather Parker Parker, Heather English Teacher Middle School
Emily Payne Payne, Emily US Bible Teacher Upper School
Andressa Penha Penha, Andressa US Spanish Teacher Upper School
Andrew Perry Perry, Andrew Science Teacher Upper School
Allison Petersen Petersen, Allison Instructional Coach Upper School
Matt Petersen Petersen, Matt Assistant Head of Upper School Administration, Upper School
Caprice Pickering Pickering, Caprice Learning Specialist Lower School
Ruston Pierce Pierce, Ruston Head of School Administration
Michael Poline Poline, Michael Director of Annual Fund Advancement
Carm Powers Powers, Carm LS Lead Teacher - Jr Kindergarten Lower School
Brian Pruitt Pruitt, Brian Science Teacher Middle School
Pilar Quinn Quinn, Pilar Preschool Spanish Teacher Preschool
Pat Raftery Raftery, Pat Lead Teacher - 1st Lower School
Chelsea Ramsey Ramsey, Chelsea LS Lead Teacher - 4th Lower School
Elyse Raveill Raveill, Elyse Assistant Teacher Preschool
Susan Reilly Reilly, Susan Director of College Counseling Upper School
Molly Richey Richey, Molly Receptionist Upper School
Robert Rieve Rieve, Robert Music/Strings
David Rogers Rogers, David Assistant Head of Middle School Administration, Middle School
Christine Rosa Rosa, Christine Math/SSS Teacher Athletics, Middle School
Jamie Rosa Rosa, Jamie Bible/Soccer Coach Middle School
Melissa Santee Santee, Melissa Director of Advancement Administration, Advancement
Jennifer Scott Scott, Jennifer School Counselor Middle School
Tiffany Searcy Searcy, Tiffany US Art Teacher Arts, Upper School
Darah Seigler Seigler, Darah Assistant Director
Michael Shaheen Shaheen, Michael Assistant Athletic Director Athletics
Alli Sheets Sheets, Alli Advancement & Special Events Mgr Advancement
Della Shepherd Shepherd, Della LS Lead Teacher - K Lower School
Stephanie Shepp Shepp, Stephanie Asst. Teacher - ESH2 Preschool
Bradley Smith Smith, Bradley Math Teacher Upper School
Vicki Smith Smith, Vicki Learning Specialist Lower School
Marie St. Romain St. Romain, Marie Lead Teacher - ESH3 Preschool
Lisa Stark Stark, Lisa MS English Teacher Middle School
Melba Stevens Stevens, Melba Lead Teacher
Wendy Sullivan Sullivan, Wendy Asst. Teacher - ESH4 Preschool
Anna Swafford Swafford, Anna MS PE Teacher Athletics, Middle School
Orrin Swayze Swayze, Orrin US Journalism
Regina Tate-Leslie Tate-Leslie, Regina US Science Teacher Athletics, Upper School
Katherine Thomas Thomas, Katherine Orchestra Director/ Teacher Arts, Lower School, Middle School, Upper School
Shane Tomashot Tomashot, Shane US History Teacher Upper School
Ardin Tucker Tucker, Ardin Asst. Athletic Director
Elaine Walker Walker, Elaine US Registrar Upper School
Julie Walker Walker, Julie Teacher - ESH3 Preschool
Ali Weller Weller, Ali Director of Preschool Half Day, Pathfinders & Transportation Coordinator Preschool
Rebekka Whitehead Whitehead, Rebekka LS Lead Teacher - 4th Lower School
John Whitehurst Whitehurst, John US History Teacher/Instructional Coach Upper School
Dawn Wickline Wickline, Dawn Lead Teacher - ESH2 Preschool
Maria Williams Williams, Maria US History Teacher Upper School
Sylvia Williams Williams, Sylvia Lead Teacher - ESH4 Preschool
Paula Wills Wills, Paula Director of International Programs Admissions
Heather Wilson Wilson, Heather Asst. Teacher - ESH3 Preschool
Diane Winfield Winfield, Diane LS Lead Teacher - 1st Lower School
Marie Woods Woods, Marie Head of Middle School Administration, Middle School
Pam Yarjan Yarjan, Pam LS Teacher - Music Arts, Lower School
Olivia Yeboah Yeboah, Olivia Assistant Teacher Preschool
Mary Yost Yost, Mary Admission Officer Admissions