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Annual Fund

Thank you to all of the families who support the Annual Fund.

We are so grateful for your investment in our school.  Gifts and pledge payments must be received by Saturday, June 30, 2018, for you to receive credit towards the 2017-2018 Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund

Goal: $650,000 


Together, our community sends a strong message of support for the mission of Mount Pisgah Christian School through our collective generosity. The Annual Fund ensures faculty and students unparalleled experiences across every realm: academic, spiritual, artistic and physical. From attracting and retaining talented faculty to offering enrichment opportunities for students, The Annual Fund provides for a challenging and vibrant experience--every day for every student. 


We would like to say a huge Thank You to those of you that have recently made your Annual Fund gift!  The end of our Fiscal Year is drawing to a close. Time is running out to make your gift or pledge payment to the Mount Pisgah Christian School Annual Fund and help us to reach our goal of 100% participation and $650,000. We have just $67,296 left to reach our goal, and together with your support, I know we can do it! Gifts and pledge payments must be received by Saturday, June 30, 2018 for you to receive credit towards the 2017-2018 Annual Fund.

If you have not had the opportunity to participate, our online option is a quick and secure way to make your gift. Credit card gifts are immediately processed online. Online credit card donations must be completed by 11:59 PM on June 30, 2018.

All gifts must be postmarked on or before June 30, 2018. Please mail to: Office of Advancement, Mount Pisgah Christian School, 9820 Nesbit Ferry Road, Johns Creek, GA 30022. You may also hand-deliver your gift to the Office of Advancement. Our office is open from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday - Thursday.

Outside of these hours, please contact Director of Annual Fund Mike Poline at 770-337-9481 or if you need additional information or would like to make arrangements to pay your gift.

Thank you for your loyal support of our school. You are making a difference in the lives of our students and those who teach and coach them.

Annual Fund gifts provide unrestricted resources that have a direct bearing on the quality of a Mount Pisgah education. Gifts of every size support the possibilities that are unleashed on campus each day. Annual Fund participation by parents, trustees and alumni are especially important to securing grants from private foundations and corporations. That’s why even small gifts make a big difference. When it comes to participation, every gift, large or small, is equal in impact.

For questions please contact Mike Poline, Director of the Annual Fund. 


Annual Fund Superstars

Isla Jones

J. Michael Gaynor, III '05

Oswald and Karen Morgan

Hunter Shultz '18

Elizabeth Davidson '18

Carl and Judy Wilbert

Jarrett Cook and Destin Callaway Cook '06

Brendan Blake '14

Jack Grande '14

Grant Hilton '14

Tommy Pease '14

Elizabeth Davidson '18

Phil and Kirby Heinmiller

Chris K. Heinmiller '10

Thomas and Sheila Grady

Lauren Bartlett '18

Matthew Leung '18

Wells Young '18

Ali Chouhdry '08

Will G. Bentley '18

Will Avery '18

Daniel J. Frazier

Rhett Hilburn '18

Linda Cowart

Yungdo and Insook Choi Hahn

Larry and Lori Payne

Rod and Jenny Vanderslice

Norman and Mary Peters

Chris Reynolds

Clayton Schluchter and Elyse Schluchter '08

Alice Bostic

Kristen Holden

Robert and Lena McCubbin

Russell and Kathy Gladding

Bobby and Ginger Smart

Jerry and Beverly Agin

Jim and Ronnilee Anderson

Nick Poline '16

Cunlu Yan and Na An

Jiasi Ren and Zhe Yuan

Evan Bastson '18

Johnathan Giglia '18

SarahJane Lynch '18

Taylor Masters '18

Brenda Blevins

Mary Howard

Terese Linton

Anne Connelly

Flint H. Geier '13

Palmer and Beverly Northrop

Nita Stokes

John O'Connor '15

David Stonecipher

Laurence and Andrea Marty

George and Janet Peterson

Jim and JoAnn Cotty

Kyle Parnell

Bill and Anita Marco

John and Cammie McLendon

Ron Prox

Christine MacKay

Hessam Mostajabi '14

Reid Morrison, Jr.

Bob and Linda O'Brien

Andy R. Cuppia

Nancy Lange

Rod and Christine Wilson

Robert and Kathy Brown

Debbie Berg

Brittany Halloran '14

Robert and Lena McCubbin

Grant Thomas '11

Bill and Trish Ranck

Emily Hollingshead '18

Avery Landt '18

Colin McDonnell '18

Connor Pursell '18

James and Patricia Posey

Mark and Tricia Jarvis

Linda Koch

George and Pam Herrera

Nick Bullock '18

Tim Chen '18

Annabelle Geier '18

Sydney Jarvis '18

Trey Murphy '18

James Sparks '18

Sarah-Scott Lewis '14

Briggs Cline '18

Ansley Diamond '18

Joan Munoz

Caroline Wayco '11

Tom Huang

Peter Giglia '11

Sarah Cline '18

Allison Eith '18

Connor Getchell '18

Jackson Grant '18

Kyla Lenoir-Guyden '18

Lawton Nickles '18

Allen and Anna Wells

Susan Sundberg

Jack Harris '18

Samantha Posey '18

Joseph Song '18

James Sparks '18

Tommy Wagner '18

Christopher Wayco '18

Morgan Millikan '18

Larson Lewis '18

Bhavesh and Misty Patel

Rosa Kim '18

Sean Lyu '18

Henry and Eloise Harris

Chad Peden '18

Garrett Peden '18

Jack Rothermel '18

Morgan Sachs '18

Randy and Jane Merrill

Alan and Melissa Thomas

Margaret Crick '18

Malik M. Gay '18

Katelyn Smith '18

Kai Williams '18

John and Vicki Inwood

Robert and Elaine Hartig

Mario and Eliane Bousarkis

Spencer and Melissa Lentz

Tim and Deborah Evans

Peter and Sarah Corrigan

Wally and Donna Wallace

Javier Moncada and Astrid Suarez

Fernado and Edith Trujillo

Britt and Lisa Lancaster

Olle and Krista Nordlund

Anthony and Allison Maselli

Adam and Adrienne Barraclough

Jorge Montoya and Sonia Neira

Ruben and Merrie Beth Salazar

Ann Cyphers

Ryan and Sarah Fetz

Chris and Melissa Simpson

Kimberly C. Tilton

Joanne Ainsworth

Jonathan and Lisa Redding

Daryl and Ginny Moody

John and Tonya Guillory

Andrew Gladston and Hepsiba Kiruba

Brandon and Natasha Kaylor

Jon and Bethany Tanner

Joao Jonck and Augusta Corrente

Frank and Lois Meyrath

Dave Lin and Diana Gutierrez

Matt and Kim Crawford

Makhtar and Lakecia Kamara

Willie and Tam McBride

Jeremy and Brigette Lee

Aaron and Mariella Shepherd

Bryan and Cydney Lord

Spencer and Kathryn Robinson

Nishant Mainro and Fnu Kanu

Grant and Karin McGarry

David and Kim Lucas

Jeremy and Marisa Jones

Matt and Abby Frankel

Kim Freeman

Paul and Anu Singh

Aaron and Kelly Jennings

Chad Baker and Lauren Hernandez

Richard and Lindsey Myung

Ryan and Natasha Hupp

Chunming Zhao and Yao Xin

Xiaohui He and Ruoling You

Lisa Hart

Romas Oliveira and Shonna Bento

Caitlin Forsberg

Michael and Erica Spenningsby

Ben and Martha Bullock

David and Lisa Dworkin

Scott and Susan Masters

Mike Tenner and Jennifer Strickland

Dean Chen and Jean Jiang

Wei Guo and Yanling Yang

Wallace and Tressa Tucker

Ronald and Monica Scalzo

Greg and Vicki Wachowiak

Robert and Sarita Samad

Sergey and Rita Popov

Hemant and Candice Panse

Kartik Ramakrishnan and Swarnim Kanth

Clay and Deborah Kremer

Dwight and Allison Jones

Robert and Nicole Hunnicutt

Brian and April Rumple

Mathew and Victoria Titus

John and Shawn Broaddus

Randy and Kelly Batson

Darlington Amadi and Mihret Hamda

John and Tammy McCoy

Susan Young

Lee and Tiffani Wallis

David and Holly Dina

John and Lori Foley

Ken and Edita Tracey

Alan and Ronda Sides

Michael and Angela Ballisty

Brian and Tessa Duke

Roger and Lana Pearson

Jun Park and Sung Bae

Joe and Shannon Langley

James and Mayra Bilderback

Earl and Danielle Parker

Konstantin and Anna Domas

Susan Connelly

David and Lisa Dworkin

Mike and Pam Carter

Mark and Bebe Erbesfield

Chuck and Jennifer Speros

Kim Hudson

Mike and Laura Smith

Freddy and Ashley Beilstein

Rob Prinzo and Kristen Valentine

Eddie and Carolina Moreno

George Witherspoon

Paul and Jessica Bennett

Jeffrey and Mary Provost

Paul and Lisa Calnan

Samir and Swati Patel

Trey and Jenny Stone

Michael and Wonhee McDonnell

Mike and Mae-Ronnie Grella

James and Lori Tkaczuk

Terrence and Micaline Regis

Scott Ferraro

Eric and Amy Houle

Nichole Brennan

Marius and Anna Smit

Shufa Konti and Azeb Gubo

Mark and Christine Buckis

Lee and Elizabeth McCrary

Charlie and Nicole Bini

Curt and Robin Crick

Robert and Shannon Davis

FangMing Liu and Jianchun Wang

Angelo and Everlee Wright

Loizos Nikolaou and Alexandra Tiliakos

James and Gina Watkins

Demond and Sadiqua Stephens

Frank and Dusica Gauld

Daniel and Caitlin Thomas

Michael and Mandie Cummins

Lara Burgard

Tom and Sarah Money

Briggs and Kathryn Cline

Shawn and Michelle McKinnon

Donald and Kelly Rolader

Manning and Claudia Smith

Jerry and Dee Dee Dubberly

Steven Sharp

Howard and Elizabeth Williams

Jason and Tonya Clark

Kara Grady

Osahon and Rosemary Uhuangho

Bruce and Laura Northrop

Jongwon and Jungwon Bae

Brett and Nell DeVore

William and Tatiana Brooks

Charles and Stephanie Greene

Jay and Kelli Jordan

Toksy and Taiwo Ogunyemi

Ray Proctor

Paul and Kelly Schur

Scott and Amy Vinson

Darwin and Julie Newton

Shane and Cyndi Johnson

Louis and Sally Cortez

David and Adetope Alabi

Eryn Grier

Nina Carlson

Stacey Hurd

Eugene and Amanda Yun

Dale and Brenda Slack

Randy and Chris Shaw

Reid and Gay Lynn Morrison

Chris Reynolds

Eric and Dany Weer

Sherri Odom

Jeff and Lori Woodward

Bruce and Trellanie Vernon

Joe and Christie Parker

Alex and Arlene Hsu

Mathew and Victoria Titus

James Sila and Irene Wanjiru-Sila

Wade and Kelly Kruse

Matt and Amy Whitley

Robert and Marni Tamarkin

Daniel and Heather Ryan

Bill and Sandi Tepper

David and Stephanie Sams

Marianne Faloni

Mark and Kelly Johnson

Randy and Corinne Allgaier

Barry and Laurie Markwick

Sayeed and Nasrin Imran

Andrea Hancock

Jay and Anne Howard

Caleb and Jennifer Galeas

Krystian and Kati Przjemski

Daniel Osorno and Amy Lee

Frank Tchakote and Gaelle Dang

Katie Arnold

Alicia Lee

Daniel and Katy Bomar

Seugn Hyeok Lee and Moon Jeoung Kim

John and Michelle Nott

Roberto and Catalina Manzur

Sherrie Boylan

Brad and Angie Hollingshead

Stephen and Heather Stonecipher

Eric and Gina Weintraub

Robert and Julia Freyre

Chad and Jennifer Mann

Jim and Mel Emerson

Chris and Traci Foreman

Katy Harper

John and Karen Garrett

Doug and Kellie Gwaltney

Gene Lydick and Rosa Simon-Lydick

Sharbel and Elise Tanory

Chris and Ann Carpenter

Jinsong and Lu Yang

Todd Adams

Karthi Sadanandan and Priya Karthikeyan

Charles and Branda Peterson

Tony and Jessica Germano

Simon and Amy Hodge

Brian and Kathryn Thacker

Tim Bumgarner and Joy Baird

Joe and Christine Noble

Adam and Samantha Beeler

Matthew and Heather Griffith

Matt and Mary Garver

Thomas and Lori Overs

William and Joanne Helsley

Dan and Diana Giglia

Richard and Paige Howe

Jeff Alexander

Todd and Meredith Emerson

Michael and Donna DuBois

Todd and Deb Bater

Mark and Angela Rountree

Tim and Michelle Schretter

Shannon Grube

Hanping Liu and Chaoxia Du

Robert and Christine Crutchfield

Luiz and Jennifer Montoro

Robert and Pam Bentley

Cheryl Sheaks

Daniel and Ramona McKee

Steve and Jung Hahn

Kurt and Nicole Engelmann

Rick and Lea Taylor

Taiwo and Abiola Adewumi

Rick Blumberg and Geneva Rinehart Blumberg

Bradford L. Young

Jean and Agathe Kamisendu

William and Stacey Martin

Marcia Harvey

Eric and Monique Howard

Jason and Jennifer Etheridge

Clay and Christina McKenzie

Ademir Leao and Aliny Corrijo

Stefan and Jennifer Keuller

Joseph and Rebecca Nassar

Yanming Xiao and Yangming Li

Craig and Jennifer Slike

Tyler and Maria Anderson

Michael and Rebecca Clements

Daron and Karen Jones

Ben and Calin Smedsrud

John and Valerie Lynch

Kellie Frazier

Eric and Angela Norman

Jonathan and Ashley Adelman

Ken and Lisa Wayco

Jim and Kristi Mehalso

Rodney and Tammy Canada

Warren and Barbara Gieseking

Olli Fleischhut and Iris Kaminski

Terrell and Kristen McCollum

Kevin and Sheba Thomas

Todd and Katie Tarrance

Michael and Sarah Kim

Merle and Kara Campbell

Brent and Clayton Hedin

Jared and Ashley Mitnick

Thomas and Tammy Wagner

David and Jada Sheriff

Yinka and Abi Daramola

Michael and Beth Laury

Russell and Ladonna Gaines

Gnanaraja Elango and Magdalene Jagannathan

Patrick and Kimberly Kernstine

Antoine Tull and Karen Pratt

Joseph Chen and Jenny Wang

Bill and Paige Wuyek

Bryant and Jennifer Whelan

Chris and Liz Hazlewood

Kelly and Morgan Bowler

Daniel and Kia Bammes

Thomas and Heidi Rose

Cheryl Huntington

Damon and Christy Loop

Jeremiah and Heather Borger

Mike and Wendy Wood

Ken and Joni Aden

Craig and Fran Ainsworth

Rich and Connie Austin

Terry and Lori Ferrero

Charles Friend and Ann Atkins

Todd and Vanessa Greene

Wade and Andrea Mancil

Roger and Michelle Shadburn

Paul and Jennifer Aliff

Larry and Karen Hardman

Roman and Laura Figurilli

Eric J. Seigler '07 and Darah H. Seigler

Tu Minh and Mimi Tran

John and Rebecca Bowie

Roger and Amy Loeb

Jim and Mary Anne Gilvin

Adrian and Tara Kosinda

Michelle Adams

Tom Luby and Kim Delaney

Michael and Caroline Rambusch

Subin Abraham and Medhini Krishnan

Darren and Claire Breese

J.P. and Lynn Gingras

Kenny and Maureen Powers

Kranti and Preeti Sharma

Ken and Amy Godsey

Tim and Erin Hall

E. B. and Debbie Peebles

Humberto and Courtney Izquierdo

Jonas and Jessica Jarvholm

Matthew and Leah Mazar

Steven and Mary Melzer

Steve and Julia Sparks

Brandon and Rebecca Filson

Andrew and Jessica Bennett

Brad and Amra Boucher

Jonathan and Leslie Stalder

David and Kayla Neal

Benjamin and Teri Hudson

Mark and Julie Ianni

David and Pamela Yealy

Barrett Walker '18

Nick and Kelly Myers

Susan Nickles

Bill and Christine Pascucci

Gil and Sue Rhee

Richie and Christie Peden

Chad and Kate Hart

Chad and Stacy Smith

Chad and Adrienne Brown

Joshua and Lauren Dack

Benjamin and Katie Kirkland

Chris and Lindsay Albrecht

B.J. and Kara McClain

Ross and Tiffany Gardner

Ricardo Lane and Tomika Williams

Sheila Lowden

John Reineke and Heather Davis

Gary and Crystal Robinson

Steve and Jessica Callaham

Pushkar and Parita Patel

Tom Meyer

Jason and Tamara Welles

Matthew and Justine Easter

Ni Zhang and Lan Li

Casey and Chelsea Colclough

James and Michele Connolly

Heber Fuentes and Milena Avila

Linyue Gao

Cathy Pursell

Dale and Nancy Nunnelley
Blaine and Jennifer Smith

Amy Rhee '17

Pam Ferraro

Michael and Kristin Mascari

Chris and Liz Hazlewood

Greg and Kristina Milton

Rick and Martha Torres

Tony and Adrienne Rogers

Trey and Britt Monroe

Jaylon and Lauren Ellison

Alex and Molly Knight

Andrew and Erin Armour

Erik and Ana Alford

Rick and Leigh Ann Bishop

Carlos and Pegah Jimenez

Erik and Michelle Kern

Mike and Nikki Schmitz

Cleve and Donna Shultz

Doug and Joanne Black

Jeff and Pat Sachs

Jon and Malin Shibley

Fred and Kimberly Soller

Paul and Janet Franz

Jeff and Diane Bostic

Beth Bostic

Julian and Marlene Sloter

Ho Hyun Chung and Hyun Sung Lee

Dave and Denise Russell

Carl and Jennifer McGehee

Robert and Carrie Harris

Dan and Jennifer Osborne

Brian and Terri Harrison

Tyler and Carmen Brown

P. J. and Casey deRijke

John and Rhonda Drye

Andy and Amy Meadows

Leigh and Elaine Culpepper

Ryan and Lauren Hudgins

Karen Monge

Ulice and Reagan Sauls

George and Katherine Kingsmill

Jordan and Jessica Zeitlen

Jonathan and Lisa Redding

Will and Melissa Byington

Eric and Ann Anderson

Robert and Sherri Smith

DeAnn Golden

Ngai Leung and Yik Chun Wu

Johnson Rajakumar and Dian Thomas

Jeremy and Yessy Ashcroft

Andy and Dori McMillan

Jeff and Michele Cramer

Aaron and Jennifer Erdman

Nick and Rebecca Ladikos

Sean and Durana Elmi

Robert Saye

Mark and Jacqueline Koster

Bradley and RaeAnn Tucker

Scott Brown and Laura Ries

James and Amy Minton

Jason and Beth Shiroishi

Andrew and Mollie Tregembo

Kimberly Parker

Michael and Lauren Edmonds

Robert Morris and Christina Mimms

Justin and Ashley Boothby

Damien and Holly Boudreau

James and Leisha Chinn

Mike and Pam Fowler

Andrew and Angela Blevins

Bruce and Carol Davis

Richard and Carolyn Woodham

Dave and Jules Dornan

Zach and Melanie Frady

Geoff and Misty Rothermel

Alan and Angela Lindsay

James and Marian Chesbrough

Lisa Miller

Charles and Elisa Bowling

Robert Morris and Christina Mimms

David and Jennifer Frisk

Robert and Juste Friedrich

Alex and Shelly Horwitz

Sean and Kate O'Bryan

Rob and Winona Newman

Kevin and Mimi Doss

Chuck and Jennifer Phares

Doug and Dianne Williams

Charles and Leslee Chalk

Peter and Renee Whelan

Linda Saye

Ryan and Leisel Talley

Nicholas Doss '14

Robert and Heather Capell

Michael and Virginia Hames

James and Susan Terry

Jean Jarvis

David Bertrand

Steven and Hannah Haverdink

Brent and Amy McSpadden

Joel and Nicole Charlton

Jeff and Lori Woodward

Neil Borthwick and Karen Gergelyi

Michael and Jamie Escoe

Timothy and Andrea McCullough

James and Catherine Wilson

Jimmy and Sally Cotty

Jay and Tracy O'Brien

Chris and Amy Hastings

Jim and Jeanne Selby

Brad and Rhonda Dalton

John and Joan Delk

Mike and Christina Reinsel

Mike and Norma Gailey

Haydee Grube

Scott and Elizabeth Lewis

Dave and Karen Brunke

Emmett and Keisha Childress

Steve and LeAnne Wood

Patrick and Lesley Posey

J. Patrick Posey DMD, PC

Roger and Arlene Bennett

Rob and Kathy Avery

Jeff and Mimi Harris

Scott and Jennifer Raley

Brian and Molly Richey

Robert and Lena McCubbin

Jonathan and Melissa Gansereit

David and Michele Bell

David and Ann-Marie Stevens

Hugh and Christi Robb

Yungdo and Insook Choi Hahn

Bill and Esther Sutherland

Gray and Chantelle Vallely

Beverly Kelley

Jason and Julie Barrett

Jay and Diane Geier

Randy and Rusti Spence

Scott Walker

Chris and Lindsay Albrecht

Joe and Courtney Gaynor

Curtis and Debbie Hicks

Bradley and Barbara Lawson

Joe and Kevin Clements

Jamie and Lauren Osborne

Boyd and Heather Smith

Chris and Erika Leeper

Tony and Heather Love

Charles and Leslie Head

John and Margot Gorham

Kristen Holden

Mark and Tricia Jarvis

Colleen Thiel

Alex Ruiz

John and Michelle Ballard

Bryan and Beth Beach

Ian and Bettina Ritchie

Tom and Jennine Vann

Sang and Mi Kim

Catherine Toomer

Francisco Romero

Ted and Kristy Grulikowski

Lisa Mason

Patricia Rojas

Julie Walker

David Martinez

Ali Flores

Christopher and Melba Stevens

Justin Reffitt and Jill Newland Reffitt '09

Angie Maignan

Tony and Penny West

Elizabeth Albright

Karen Shane

Joy Mann

Tracy Humphrey

Pamela Bray

Katie Carter

Christina Ashe

Mary Grace Caveness

Ted and Rebecca Clark

Ali Flores

Christopher and Melba Stevens

Betty Louis

Tony and Penny West

Bill Willingham

Joyce Lenoir

Rodney and Marie Woods

Dominic Nasieku and Winnie Mbogo-Nasieku

Debbie Moss

Shannon Sanders Heotaky '07

Brian and Molly Richey

Sarah Millette

Andrew Perry

Joseph Roane

Connor Breslin

Audriana Johnson

Marsha Horne

Nancy Wolff

Patrick and Meaghan Johnson

Ryan and Pam Livezey

Russell and Katherine Thomas

Allison Bussey

John and Diane Winfield

Gene and Peggy McCarthy

Lawrence and LaTonia Anthony

Sandra Havriluk

Leigha Jager

Clarke and Jennifer Scott

Alexis Jalovick

Daniel Hilton

Happy and Lynn Mayer

Tony and Jolene Kellner

Greer Dover

Alan and Donna Lowe

Brian and Christy Ranck

Bobby and Paula Wills

Chelsea Ramsey

Chris and Kim Agin

Gert and Charmaine Botha

Cliff and Krysia Brannon

Graham and Sharon Claytor

Bob and Leeann Denham

Andy and Jan Diamond

Martin and Leah Dixon

Marc and Rita Felice

Susie Gesell

Tom and Judy Grant

Timothy and Suzanne Halloran

Craig and Ann-Marie McGaughey

Bob and Mary Ann Morris

Mike and Abbe Poline

Jay and Susan Reilly

Mike and Stephanie Shepp

David and Vicki Smith

Roger and Wendy Sullivan

Randy and Karen Townsend

Mark and Dawn Wickline

Brad and Heather Wilson

Jonathan and Shay Brasher

Carm Powers

David and Beth Rogers

David and Elaine Walker

Brian and Heather Parker

David and Jeanne Harris

Sam and Jody Johnson

Jennifer Keeton

Harry and Leslie Brooks

Kenneth and Marie St. Romain

Dennis and Pat Raftery

Sonny and Stacey Forsberg

Gentry and Leslie Arnette

Randolph and Vickie Murray

Jocko and Tracy Cendoya

Ali Weller

Ed and Karen Barnes

John Whitehurst

Bryan and Carita Hatmaker

Meredith Morris

Katie Miller

Sylvia Williams

Paul Martini '09

Michael Motz '10 and Eleni Motz '10

John and Kerry O'Connor

Rhett and Julie Davidson

Michael and Diane Nardella

Kyle and Jenny Farnham

Andy and Alison Cuppia

Izak and Mandri de Villiers

John and Flor de Maria Hiers

Bill and Whitney June

Mike and Jan Forester

Jim Lee

Johnny and Loi Green

Jenny Duke

Donald and Jamie Cameron

Chris and Emily Harrington

Brian and Tiffany Searcy

Jeff and Lyndsay Rutherford

Andrew and Kristen Bell

Taylor and Mandi Carlock

Shawn and Megan Koch

Anthony and Maria Williams

Cicley Gay

Matt and Allison Petersen

Brad and Alyson Smith

Emily Payne

Brian Pruitt and Stephanie Thompson

Jamie and Christine Rosa

Daniel Glenn

Lacey Jernigan

Anita Hunter

David Darnell

Melanie Murphy

Susan McDevitt

Chandler and Cheryl Doughty

Brie Howell

Della Shepherd

Alicia Hernandez
Paul and Lisa Stark

Eric and Heather Chalko

Kirsten E. Getchell

Pilar Quinn

Jacob and Leah Longoria

Kurt and Megan Michelsen

Wilen and Andressa Penha

Richard Hendricks and Alex Carter

Shane Tomashot

Regina Tate-Leslie

Ashley Hobbs

Steve Howey

Anna Swafford

Clay and Stephanie Kelsh

Pam Yarjan

Ruston and Aimee Pierce

Robert and Andrea Medford

Kenny Shoemaker

Caprice Pickering

Rebekka Strom

Tanna Matthews

Nathan Goodroe

Ambry McWilliams

Jacob and Kelsey Dierdorff

Rick and Farah Chapes

Peter and Mary Janico

Marshall and Pam Millikan

Scott and Mary Yost

Cody Anderson and Sherry Doughty Anderson '06

John and Kristin Messinger

Libby Lamelas

Jill McCart

Dave and Jill Garver

Josh and Wendy Merry

Geoff and Misty Rothermel

Mihnea and Sunny Nastase

Kent and Rachel Harrison

Mike Buteau

Michael and Jodi Shaheen

Collin and Alli Sheets

Shannon and Melissa Santee

Brent and Amy McSpadden

Jeff and Lisa Boardman

William and Susan Delrow

Stephen Heard

Laura Jean Hollingshead

Billy and Alison Earle

Steve Phelps

David and Jan Hailey

Eric and Regina Iannamico

Michael and Julie Schertell


MON - Thurs

9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 


100% Faculty & Staff Participation 

*for 5 years in a row!


100% Board of Trustees Participation


100% Alumni Council Participation


91% Participation of all Parents *as of 04/30/18

Click the image above to enlarge the chart.

This represents progress as of Apr. 30. Please note, percentages are subject to change (ie: a new student is enrolled in a grade and the family has not yet made an Annual Fund pledge or gift, or a donor has not fulfilled their pledge).